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Sonics Bruising: Playoff Week

The results are in and it's The Frozen Envelope vs. Team Meirose in the Finals. We give you Playoff Week in the Sonics Bruising League.

Edited by Tiffany Villigan


Playoff Week has come and gone and we now enter Finals Week. Your surviving contestants? The Frozen Envelope and Team Meirose.

The Frozen ones have seemed destined to make the Finals all season long. They dominated, plain and simple, and took the Paul Silas Conference with an 18-1 record. They could have gotten a case of the jitters and went all '94 Supersonics on us, but they maintained their composure and beat a tough Phil's Radio Team by a score of 1841-1608.

Michael Carter-Williams committed a whopping 19 personal fouls and grabbed 46 rebounds to lead the Envelope. Paul Millsap followed with 12 fouls and 84 scoring points.

The surprise result of Playoff Week was the stunning loss by Team Catdawg, who had also dominated most of the season and won the Xavier McDaniel Conference with a 17-2 record. Dwight Howard had been her most reliable contributor all season long.

Howard was nowhere to be seen, however, and his stat line for the week was completely empty. That's right. When it mattered most, Howard was a no-show and it cost Team Catdawg a trip to the Finals.

Sure, Howard had "a strained left ankle and the procedure to remove a cyst and fluid that had been causing him weeks of pain." In the SBL, however, one just rubs some dirt in it and leaves the watery cyst for after the Finals. Way to let your team down, Dwight. I'm sure Laker fans can empathize with Team Catdawg fans, though they probably choose to laugh at them.

It was up to Team Meirose to capitalize on the injury, however, and they did so on the strength of 114 scoring points from DeMar DeRozen. That's right. Meirose bested Catdawg 1422.5-1338 with a shooting guard, whose first and last names start with the same two letters.


The Frozen Envelope 1841, Phil's Radio Team 1608
Player Highlights Fantasy Points
Michael Carter-Williams (FE) 46 rebounds, 19 fouls, 60 SP 262.5
Paul Millsap (FE) 30 rebounds, 12 fouls, 84 SP 204.5
Thaddeus Young (Phil) 23 rebounds, 9 steals, 96 SP 198
Team Meirose 1422.5, Team Catdawg 1338
Player Highlights Fantasy Points
DeMar DeRozen (Mei) 23 rebounds, 6 steals, 13 fouls, 114 SP 199.5
Carmelo Anthony (Mei) 19 rebounds, 10 fouls, 87 SP 176
Lance Stephenson (Cat) 25 rebounds, 76 SP 155.5


Several vs. Blake Griffin


"Team Catdawg didn't advance to the Finals??? OMG." ~ Dennis Rodman