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1967 Sonics Pre-Season Nostalgia

I was recently handed a folder that offers a unique look at a special time in the history of the Seattle Supersonics.Edited by Tiffany Villigan

While we wait for NBA expansion to come once again to the city of Seattle, I was recently handed an item that offers a nostalgic look at the first occurrence.

The Seattle Supersonics came into existence in 1967. Prior to that inaugural campaign, the team played preseason games in both Yakima and Ellensburg. A friend with heavy basketball connections in Yakima recently loaned me a folder of old newspaper clippings, a program, and coach/player photographs from those games.

With his permission, I scanned each item and loaded them into a slide show for all to enjoy.

The player pictures look like the kind that a league media office would send to newspapers back in the old days for player profiles and such. Nowadays, everything like that is done digitally. The players photographed represent the preseason roster only.

Have any similar pictures of your own to share? Please do so in a comment below.