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NCAA Tournament - Sweet Sixteen Day Two Open Thread!

Florida vs. Dayton and Arizona vs. Wisconsin - will there be another upset today?

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Some interesting match ups again today!

Florida Gators vs. Dayton Flyers:

In the first game it would appear on paper that Florida should win easily.  And they have that ability if they put it all together.  Florida plays some great defense, the question will be whether they find the rhythm offensively.  Yet Dayton is here, and seems like at every turn they have the ability to do what it takes to get the win.  Dayton is riding the best hot streak left in the tournament, and a hot team is a dangerous team.  Dayton has nothing to lose, and the swagger to believe in themselves.

Florida has the ability to run your team off the floor with their talent.  But I'm not too certain that will happen with a Dayton team that rolls 12 deep and gets significant contributions from 9-10 guys every game.

Unfortunately for Dayton, swagger can only get you so far, and Florida is simply that much better in this match up.  I'm taking the Gators in this one, but Dayton makes them earn it all the way until the final buzzer sounds.

Arizona Wildcats vs. Wisconsin Badgers

Despite being a number one, Arizona hasn't been hitting on all cylinders.  They beat a very good San Diego State, but largely did it without contribution from Pac-12 player of the year Nick Johnson.  Arizona has had to overcome some challenges throughout the season that I think has prepared them well for the Tournament.

Wisconsin is battled hardened from surviving an incredibly tough Big 10 Conference schedule this year.  Living next door to Wisconsin, I have the opportunity (misfortune?) of seeing a disproportionate number of their games and can readily tell you that this team is tough.  They are fundamentally sound and work hard every night.  They play great defense and rebound well.  They have the formula for Tournament success.

I see this game as a toss up.  Both have what it takes to advance, and both teams are going to be a tough out no matter who they are playing.  I'm going to be cheering for Buckey Badger, but as my bracket shows, I picked Arizona to win this match up.  I can see this coming down to the last couple of possessions with lots of momentum swings throughout.  It should be outstanding college basketball and worth your time to watch!