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Which Beers Would You Like To See In the Seattle Arena?

Share your favorite brews with us!

Edited by Joanna Nesgoda

The staff here at Sonics Rising recently had a discussion about the arena and what kinds of amenities it might have. This then turned into, naturally, a discussion on what kinds of beers would be offered.

It's a foregone conclusion that the usual swill that passes for beer in frat houses and keggers will be standard fare. The Budweisers, Coorses, Millers and the like will all be there, starting around $8 for an 8 oz cup. We know Chris Hansen is partial to Corona, so maybe they'll make an appearance as well, but this is a discussion about beer (see what I did there?). How about those of us with a more refined palette?

Our resident Minnesotan, Chris Meirose, has suggested a beer called Furious by MSP-area brewery Surly's for the hockey fans. Their website describes it as being "brewed with a dazzling blend of American hops and Scottish malt, this crimson-hued ale delivers waves of citrus, pine and caramel-toffee. For those who favor flavor, Furious has the hop-fire your taste buds have been screaming for."

Kevin Nesgoda, who is from that area over the mountains that we don't talk about, suggested a Leavenworth beer from Icicle Brewery, specifically their Khaos Kölsch. According to Icicle's site, the beer is "a German Style Ale that delicately balances subtle fruit flavors and aromas with a subdued maltiness, a beer that's fresh like an alpine spring and as crisp as a mountain breeze. It dreams of brewing up to be the refreshing Khaos Kolsch."

What about local brews? This area is known for having very good craft beers, and Hansen, et al, would be remiss if they didn't include some of them at the arena. Some local breweries that could be featured are, in no particular order:

I guess Rainier could be an option, too, but... it's right in line with Bud Light and PBR. Emerald City Brewing has taken over their old brewery and is responsible for putting the trademark R back on top. They have a flagship brew known as "Seattle Lager." How could that not be at Seattle Arena?

I felt somewhat obligated to put Bad Jimmy's on the list because it is owned by my friend Billy, but they make a very good beer, specifically their India Red.

Pyramid makes a fantastic hefeweizen, if that's your thing (and it is mine). It's "award-winning American-style Hefeweizen is a unique take on the traditional Bavarian classic. This refreshingly unfiltered wheat ale delivers a distinctively smooth flavor worth savoring with friends."

Mac and Jack's African Amber is delicious. "The Northwest's original, unfiltered and dry hopped amber ale. African Amber's pioneering and innovative style is proof that drink-abilty does not have to be achieved by sacrificing flavor. This beer erupts with a floral, hoppy taste, followed by a well rounded malty middle, finishing with a nicely organic hop flavor."

Elysian is arguably my favorite local brewery. Their annual Great Pumpkin Beer Festival is about as much fun as you can imagine. As for year-round, they have a double IPA called Andre the Giant that is tolerable. That's the best compliment I can give for an IPA. They also have a delicious saison called Serenity Now!. Yes, you're supposed to yell it like that.

What about you, Sonics fans? What beers would you like see at the new arena? If you're not a beer drinker, what would you like to imbibe while you're there? Seattle Cider? Mike's Hard? Sound off!