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The Downstroke - Episode 3

On Episode 3 we discussed MLB Opening Day, NCAA Tourney and some others.

Executive Producer:Steve Stearns

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

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This show was a little more disjointed than normal. Usually I do the hosting, but I left my phone in a bar in downtown Denver, walked 45 minutes to my hotel, realized I didn't have my phone, walked 45 minutes back to get it (thankfully it was not stolen and the waitress put it behind the bar) and then the 45 minutes back to the hotel. I didn't call in while walking because no one wants to hear me huffing and puffing through the thin Denver air (which isn't that bad, actually).

While I was out, the guys talked about MLB's opening day, the NBA playoff races and the NCAA tournament.

This is where I jumped in. We talked about where Shabazz Napier should potentially go in the draft, and all the major sites tend to disagree with us. We got into a big conversation about how we hate Duke, if Jabari Parker is staying for another year, and Maryland going to the Big 10.

There was a brief discussion about DeSean Jackson signing with the Redskins, and we finished up by talking about the extreme overreaction of some people to our April Fool's Day piece.