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NBA Press Conference Open Thread

How will the league address the Donald Sterling situation?

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

At 2 p.m. eastern time, or 11 a.m. here on the west coast, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver will address the disparaging remarks allegedly made by Los Angeles Clippers Owner Donald Sterling.  Rumors are Silver is prepared to "drop the nukes," according to Bill Simmons.  This could potentially mean invoking an emergency meeting of the Board of Governors to vote on whether or not to strip Sterling of his ownership and take the team under NBA control until a new owner can be found.  If that were to happen, it most likely wouldn't be long, as Magic Johnson has already made his intentions known, through a rep, to purchase the team should it become available.  Johnson is backed by the multi-billion dollar Guggenheim Partners group.

It is also possible that Sterling could get off with what some people would consider a soft punishment, in a maximum fine and a suspension, possibly indefinite.  Anything less than that is unlikely.

This is your place to discuss the Sterling situation and the Silver press conference, but please do so in a calm, respectful manner.  Thank you.

The press conference can be viewed at