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Sterling Banned For Life from NBA

Donald Sterling is banned for life from the NBA

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Today Adam Silver threw down the punishment for Donald Sterling's racist comments.

After an investigation, the NBA lawyers decided that the voice on the tapes was, indeed, that of Donald Sterling.  In response, they have banned Sterling from all NBA-related activities and events.  He will be allowed zero contact with anyone involved with the team.  Sterling has also been fined $2.5 million, the maximum amount allowed by the NBA bylaws.  He may not be present in any Clippers' offices or arenas and may not attend any Board of Governor meetings.

While Sterling could still collect checks as an absentee owner, the team has currently lost 14 sponsors.  Doc Rivers has said he will quit if Donald Sterling is still the owner.  Players could (and most likely will) request trades.  He may not be collecting any checks if these trends continue.

Silver also said he has encouraged the NBA Board of Governors to hold an emergency meeting and attempt to force a sale of the Clippers franchise.  Per the bylaws, the BOG can remove Sterling as an owner with a 3/4 vote.  Silver said he expects to get the owners' full support on stripping the team from Sterling.

This is basically the most that anyone could ask for. Adam Silver took the lead on this and did what he had to do, something his predecessor failed to do in the past.  This should not have come to this point, but now that it has, the new commissioner handled it as well as possible.