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Are you in?

I'm going to violate protocol here and throw up a quickie article that it unedited and unpolished, but necessary as the last thread gets too long to deal with.

The last week has featured a plethora of rumors regarding the Milwaukee Bucks. For several days prior to Bill Simmons tweets little rumblings were traveling through the grape vine about the Bucks and some action being taken there. Now, in light of Simmon's tweets there is a whole followup of "What does this mean?" speculation going on. Have the Bucks been sold to a local group, thus effectively removing them from the market and leaving us without any teams really in play for relocation?

I tend to think it's never that easy but have to admit that I never thought the New Orleans situation would be so cleanly resolved by the league. They went from option number one to off the table in a hurry?

Alternatively does this reported "sale" come with contingencies for a new arena that effectively set a deadline for the Bucks to get something done or say "We did our best" and move on?

I doubt anyone truly knows the answer to these questions (and would reiterate that I do not) but I do know one question that was answered this weekend. It's time to acknowledge that while I don't root for franchises to move I need to stop pretending that I'm not going to jump back in when discussion of movement starts to occur. (all of my friends stop laughing and saying "I told you so.")

I had thought that perhaps after Sacramento there was a chance I was burned out and would not participate again, but I was wrong. I have real limits on time and energy but within those limits I'm in. I want to resolve this thing and whether the rumors surrounding the Bucks are real or imagined doesn't matter much. Perceived momentum is fun, even if it winds up not being real. I got excited for the opportunity quickly and know that if the situation becomes more real I can get excited again.

So here I am, reading the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, following their journalists on twitter and generally just familiarizing myself with the situation on the ground there. It's honestly a very challenging situation. They don't seem to have a political environment that is going to be conducive to getting an arena built. Herb Kohl is their only line of defense and as much as I admire the retired senator's intentions his presence is in and of itself a big obstacle. Nobody believes he is willing to move the team or sell it to somebody who will be moving it. He is a retired democrat official in a state where republicans do not seem likely to give a big "legacy win" to a democrat and democrats have other battles to fight. Don't fool yourselves that party affiliations and political agenda's won't be a big factor in this. If he was a current senator he may have more juice but retired guys tend to lose the ability to repay favors quickly and have trouble getting people to push their legacy projects with nothing to offer in return.

The faster the resolution in Milwaukee the better for us. If they resolve their arena situation it opens the door to expansion talks. If they don't resolve it they will move, despite Kohls intentions.

It should be noted that the Bucks current lease expires September, 2017 while our MOU requires a team to be acquired no later than October, 2017. There are unsubstantiated rumors that the lease buyout terms in 2015 and 2016 are minimal.

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