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The Downstroke - SonicsRising Radio: Episode 4

Host: Kevin Nesgoda
Personalities: Chris Meirose, Mitch Northam, Dontae Delgado and Taylor Bartle
Not Invited:Paul Rogers

Executive Producer: Steve Stearns

Jamie Squire

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Once again some technical issues marred the beginning of the show. Eventually Kevin was allowed to join in and host. Tonight the guys talked about the NCAA tournament, whose draft stock improved and whose dropped, the 2014 NBA draft as a whole, the John Calipari to the Lakers rumor, the Milwaukee Bucks situation and how it makes the SonicsRising staff a bit uneasy to talk about.

The guys then ended the show talking about what players they would like to have a beer with, which eventually ended up into the Hangover 4 script being written and Kevin probably being murdered.