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Ballmer: Might Want Clippers, Not for Seattle

Steve Ballmer may be interested in buying the Los Angeles Clippers-but not to move them to Seattle.

Edited by Joanna Nesgoda

Clippers hugging.
Clippers hugging.
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Remember the conversation about Steve Ballmer last week that was sparked by a KJR round table discussion? You know, the one that asked us how we would react if Ballmer bought the Los Angeles Clippers and kept them in L.A.?

I thought it was a crazy notion and poo-pooed it for all the world to see, but someone I very much respect seems to disagree with me. His name is Steve Ballmer.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Ballmer had the following conversation.

WSJ: You've tried a couple times to buy an NBA franchise to return a basketball team to Seattle. Are you interested in the Los Angeles Clippers, if the team goes up for sale?

Ballmer: I have nothing definitive to say. Am I right on top of what's going on there? Absolutely I am. I love basketball, and I'd love to participate at some point in the NBA. If the opportunity is outside of Seattle, so be it. I will learn about any team that comes up for sale at this point.

WSJ: So you wouldn't move the Clippers to Seattle?

Ballmer: If I get interested in the Clippers, it would be for Los Angeles. I don't work anymore, so I have more geographic flexibility than I did a year, year-and-a half ago. Moving them anywhere else would be value destructive.

I'll have my crow with a side of mashed potatoes, please.

Now, before everyone looks for the nearest cliff to dive off of, consider a few things:

First, he didn't say he was interested. He used the word 'if'. Second, even if he does get interested, he will face a ton of competition down there and he won't automatically win that battle. Most importantly, the NBA may not want him involved because everyone down there will think he's trying to pull a Clay Bennett.

So, how do I feel about this? I wish he had said something different, but this is nothing to panic over. How do you feel?