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Report: Steve Ballmer Offers $1.8 Billion for Los Angeles Clippers

The former Microsoft CEO has made his bid for the Clips.

Edited by Joanna Nesgoda

Forbes is reporting that former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has offered a whopping $1.8 billion for the Los Angeles Clippers.  There are reports out there of at least another half dozen groups, and reports that bids could potentially be pushing the neighborhood of $2 billion plus.

It is still entirely possible that Ballmer is outbid in this process, does not end up winning the Clippers, and will in fact remain part of the Hansen NBA investment group.  There is a lot of money in the Los Angeles area that wants to keep the Clippers there and that cannot be discounted at any level.

Even if Ballmer does win the bid and becomes an owner, it gets us one more dog in the fight inside the league offices to get us a team.  Do not lose hope here.  There is a lot that can happen.  Things are just starting to heat up.