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Chris Hansen comments on Steve Ballmer buying LA Clippers

Through, Chris Hansen has released a statement of congratulations to Steve Ballmer and re-assurance to Seattle sports fans.

Chris and Kris
Chris and Kris

We've been waiting for Chris Hansen's response to Steve Ballmer's purchase of the Los Angeles Clippers. Here it is from his website, offered on its own merits without commentary from us.

First I would like to congratulate Steve Ballmer on his apparent successful bid for the Los Angeles Clippers. Steve's passion for basketball and commitment to the NBA will make him a great owner and strong asset for the league.

I would also like to assure Seattle fans that my remaining partners and I remain committed to bringing the NBA back to Seattle. The environmental review process for the Seattle Arena is nearing completion and we will soon be in a strong position to attract a franchise back to the Emerald City.​

There you have it. Discuss.