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Who Would Win; the 2014 Clippers or the 1996 Sonics?

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a lot of talk of the Los Angeles Clippers and how their future relates to the Seattle SuperSonics lately, with some radio jockeys who shall rename nameless even going so far as to suggest that one Steve Ballmer could buy the former team just to indulge his appetite to own an NBA team. This is obviously a ridiculous talking point and nothing more. So how about we go with another talking point that will never happen, inspired by this tweet?

It's an excellent question and one that triggers serious debate.  This year's Clippers have often been compared to the Sonics of old.  Blake Griffin and Chris Paul have been called the modern day Kemp and Payton.  The team has been nicknamed "Lob City," a moniker that surely could have been applied to the Sonics in the mid-90s.


Here's how the teams stack up head-to-head.

Matchup Preview  |  May 7, 2014
@ Seattlessonics5_medium
2014 Los Angeles Clippers
(57-25, Away)
1996 Seattle SuperSonics
(64-18, Home)
Stats Comparison
107.9 Points Per Game 104.5
101.0 PPG Allowed 96.7
.474 Field Goal % .480
.352 3-Point % .364
.730 Free Throw % .760
3526 Rebounds 3403
397 Blocks 393
703 Steals 882
1136 Turnovers 1441
Projected Starters
Chris Paul Point Guard Gary Payton
J.J. Redick Shooting Guard Hersey Hawkins
Matt Barnes Small Forward Detlef Schrempf
Blake Griffin Power Forward Shawn Kemp
DeAndre Jordan Center Ervin Johnson

So what do you guys think? Could The Glove stop CP3? Would Kemp and Griffin have a dunk-a-thon? Who hits more threes; Redick or Hawkins? Would Brickowski and Barnes kill each other? Let us know!