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The Downstroke Ep. 7 - The Chris Daniels Interview

Host: Kevin Nesgoda
Bench: DNP-CD
Guest: Chris Daniels from King5 News
Not Invited: Paul Rogers
Executive Producer: Steve Stearns

The seventh episode of The Downstroke comes to you a week after some extreme technical difficulties and the original interview with Chris Daniels didn't get recorded all the way through.

This time Daniels sits down with host, Kevin Nesgoda to talk about the potential for NBA expansion in the Emerald City and also if there is potential for a team to still be relocated to Seattle.  Chris and Kevin then dive into the aspects of what it would take to get an NHL team into Seattle and how serious is Ray Bartoszek about doing the needful to get it done.

The guys also discuss Chris' visit to Sochi for the Olympics this year and if there is a chance that he will be heading down to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup.

Lots of great stuff here, don't miss this one!