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Chris Hansen to appear on Softy at 3pm

Seattle Arena's primary backer and potential Sonics savior Chris Hansen will appear on Dave "Softy" Mahler's radio show this afternoon at 3pm Pacific time.

Hansen has been making the media rounds today, trying to diffuse the situation surrounding his now-former partner Steve Ballmer purchasing the Los Angeles Clippers for a whopping $2 billion. He spoke to the Associated Press's Tim Booth this morning and said that losing Ballmer won't derail his hopes, and that he is confident he'll be able to find investors (plural) to take Ballmer's place. He said he would not put a limit on how many investors he may add to his group. One quote that got everyone talking was Hansen saying that, "six to nine months from now," he'll still be working to get the arena built and acquire a team.

Hansen also spoke to KING5's Chris Daniels, and told him "We're committed to moving forward." He also said that "There are no shortage of interested majority and minority partners" in the arena, and admitted that Ballmer was carrying a significant portion of the financial load. "We’ll need other partners, likely, as franchise values go up, but it’s not a major hurdle," Hansen said. Could Victor Coleman be one of those investors?

Hansen will most likely discuss the arena, the NBA, Steve Ballmer and perhaps even the NHL.  You can listen to Chris's interview with Softy on 950 am in Seattle or online at their website,