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The Downstroke - Ep. 13: Greg Wissinger from Sactown Royalty and Zebulun Benbrook from Welcome to Loud City

Host: Kevin Nesgoda
Guests: Greg Wissinger and Zebulun Benbrook
Bench: Chris Meirose
Not Invited: Paul Rogers
Executive Producer: Steve Stearns


In this episode we are breaking down barriers and building bridges!  We have Greg Wissinger from Sactown Royalty and Zebulun Benbrook from Welcome to Loud City.  This is the first time in known history (well since 2008) that parties from Seattle, Oklahoma City and Sacramento have sat down and talked civilly for more than a minute and thirty-two seconds.

We kick off with Greg and get into what the Sacramento Kings need in the draft, what the needs are and some of his favorite players that he is looking for.  We talk about the need for point guard and what could potentially happen with Isaiah Thomas and that leads into free agency needs.

Greg finishes off by saying that Seattle needs a team and definitely deserves a team.

Zeb jumps in at this point and talks about how the Thunder have been embraced by Oklahoma City and what type of process that has been.  We get into the semantics of the team that others might not understand so much, like the Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook dynamic.  We also get into free agency and some draft talk.

There is some fun talk on why Houston would want Carmelo Anthony, where Kevin Love might end up and what decision could LeBron James make.

We end the night on some random discussions that revolve around do like cake or pie, who was your most hated player ever in the NBA and if you could create your all League Pass team, who would be on it?

You can follow Greg on Twitter at @GWiss and Zebulun at @ZubulunBenbrook.

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