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ACTUAL NBA Draft Open Thread

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

You've been hearing the news and rumors all day long, but the main event starts now. Dreams will come true for a lucky few. Here is your thread to talk about the picks as they happen.


  1. Cleveland Cavaliers - Andrew Wiggins, F/G, Kansas

    Wiggins is by far the best overall player in the draft.  His defense is light years ahead of any of the other wings in the draft, he’s good, but not great offensively.  That is why going to Cleveland is going to be a Godsend for him.  David Blatt is an offensive genius and he’s going to make Wiggins a hell of a lot better.  He’s going to be very complimentary running with Kyrie Irving.

    This is the right pick. Cleveland needs a scorer at the three and Wiggins can score. He also does a lot of other things well, so even if his shot isn't falling he's not going to be a liability. Wiggins may take a while to realize his full potential, whereas Jabari Parker is more NBA-ready, but ultimately I see him having the better career.

    Dontae: Best overall player based on the fact that Embiid was injured. I like the pick, but I would have liked it better if they traded the pick for 3rd and 10th. I have little faith in Cleveland and number 1 overall picks. If he can develop his ball-handling and shooting, he will be a great pick next to Kyrie Irving.

  2. Milwaukee Bucks - Jabari Parker, F, Duke

    Kevin: Milwaukee needed a scorer in the worst possible way.  Parker is the best scorer in the draft, right now.  That could change in the future.  He’s probably going to be asked to carry the scoring load immediately in Milwaukee.

    Parker is one of, if not the, most plug-and-play player in the draft. He's a guy who you can contribute immediately and score the ball from all over the floor. Not sure where he goes position-wise or who Milwaukee tries to move to make room for him. His defense and leadership needs work if he's going to be elite, though.

    Dontae: They need scoring and a potential star, and they got that in Parker. I don’t know if playing him at the PF spot, but you can’t play Giannis there either. The Glen Robinson comparison is right on, in my opinion, and if he can at least reach 90% of that level, the Bucks has a great building block.

  3. Philadelphia 76ers - Joel Embiid, C, Kansas

    Kevin: Not a huge fan of this pick so early, but the Sixers have the luxury allowing him to sit out the year if necessary and get 100% healthy.  If he can stay healthy he’s going to be a dominant center in the NBA. If the foot issues linger like they tend to do with big players… wasted pick.

    Taylor: I'm still leery of every African player who's only played basketball for 5 or less years. Embiid has the potential to be Hakeem Olajuwon, or he has the potential to be Hasheem Thabeet. The foot injury is obviously a red flag. Does he come back from it like Ilgauskas or does it end his career like Yao Ming?

    Dontae: A steal if Embiid has no lingering effects from his recent injuries. He can eventually play next to Nerlens Noel, with the hope that they can become as good as Hakeem Olajuwon and Ralph Sampson were for the Rockets in the 80’s.

  4. Orlando Magic - Aaron Gordon, F, Arizona

    Kevin: Orlando needed a point guard and they needed a power forward.  I figured they would have picked Dante Exum here, but they went with the power forward and Aaron Gordon.  Gordon is a defensive dynamo, but his offensive game has a bit to go.  He is in a very good spot with the Magic.

    A little bit surprised by this pick, but it's a good one. It allows the Magic to move Tobias Harris to the three, where he won't get beat up as bad. Gordon is one of the most athletic players in the draft and should give the Magic a good defensive presence.

    Dontae: Somewhat of a surprise pick, but a solid one nonetheless. Gordon can be the hyper-athletic, defensive presence the Magic need next to Vuvecic. I am concerned about his fit in a rotation where Tobias Harris is the future in the frontcourt.

  5. Utah Jazz - Dante Exum, G, Australia

    Kevin: I didn’t think Exum would end up here, but I love him getting paired up with Trey Burke.  They are two guys who can pass, get to the basket and a bit underrated defensively.  Where Burke lacks traditional size, Exum makes up for it in loads.  Exum isn’t known for his outside shot and struggles a bit at the free throw line, but he has the tools to become a big time player in the league.

    Taylor: An interesting pick, especially with Exum telling interviewers that he is a point guard and only a point guard. The Jazz already have Trey Burke playing that position. So either Utah is planning on making some moves, having Exum start the season on the bench or defying what he says and putting him at the two.

    Dontae: A perfect fit next to Trey Burke. Their skills are interchangeable in the fact that Burke can play the "shooting guard" position as a scorer and Exum can be the distributor. Exum can guard both positions and gets to develop in a small market, without the bright lights of a big media market.

  6. Boston Celtics - Marcus Smart, G, Oklahoma State

    Kevin: A little shocked at this pick.  Smart is not my favorite point guard in this draft and depending what happens with Rajon Rondo he is either the future point guard in Boston or he’s going to be converted to shooting guard.   Very puzzled on this pick.  Need a few more answers.

    Taylor: What are you up to, Danny Ainge? Can't say I really get this pick, unless Rajon Rondo is on his way out. Smart does not have the size, or shooting ability, to be a two-guard. Smart would have been a good pick a little later for a team who needs a point guard. At six for Boston? I don't like it.

    Dontae: This pick was a surprise. In my mind, it effectively ends Rajon Rondo’s tenure in Boston. Though I think GM Danny Ainge is shrewd enough to not reserve himself to just that one outcome. He very well could be gathering up assets for a big trade. Smart was in the conversation for the number 1 pick in the 2013 draft. This is a good value pick, but the Celtics have more work on this roster.

  7. Los Angeles Lakers - Julius Randle, F, Kentucky

    Kevin: In most other drafts there would have been a lot of talk about Randle going #1 overall without a whole lot of talk about anyone really challenging him for that spot.  He can score inside and mid-range, he can rebound, he’s sneaky defensively, he has a high motor and a killer work ethic.  This might be one rookie that Kobe Bryant might not want to kill.

    Taylor: Crap. The Lakers get arguably the guy most ready to contribute immediately. Randle should fit in well with the Lakers and will create a very good inside-out game with Kobe. He's also a very strong rebounder. He should be able to start if Pau Gasol leaves and is an early favorite for Rookie of the Year.

    Dontae: The Lakers get the first or second rated college prospect going into last season. Randle should be able to put up double-doubles immediately. Kobe should at least be satisfied with a NBA-ready prospect to play next to. Randle, to me, isn’t a franchise player, but could be an All-Star candidate in a couple of seasons.

  8. Sacramento Kings - Nik Stauskas, G, Michigan

    Kevin: Jimmer 2.0?  Nah.  He is so much better at creating his own shot, better defender and probably immediately moves ahead of Ben McLemore on the depth chart.  This is an extremely solid pickup for the Kings.

    Taylor: Chad Ford says Stauskas's ceiling is J.J. Reddick. From a spot-up shooting viewpoint, maybe, but Stauskas is more than that. He can handle the ball and create his own shot much better. Is Sacramento giving up on McLemore already?

    Dontae: A little high for Stauskas in my opinion, and I am a Stauskas fan. I think he can be Jimmer "The Reboot," if handled correctly. The Kings needed less ball stoppers and more shooters, so this feels a definite need. I think he can be a high level starter if the Kings incompetence doesn’t stunt his growth.

  9. Charlotte Hornets - Noah Vonleh, F, Indiana

    Kevin: He flew under my radar a lot.  Didn’t see a lot of Indiana this year because of their steep drop off in wins from last year to this year.  He’s a very fluid player, reminds me a lot of Chris Bosh.  He can bang a little bit, but can work the outside really well.  He’s going to be a great compliment to Al Jefferson and help take the Hornets to the next level.

    Taylor: Vonleh is a good get for Charlotte here. A guy who can score inside and rebound and can also step out and hit the three. He should work well next to Al Jefferson and DEAR GOD DID YOU SEE THE SIZE OF HIS HANDS?

    Dontae: Another great fit for a budding playoff team. Vonleh has the tools to be the best forward in this draft. He can play well next to Al Jefferson both offensively (outside shooting) and defensively (shoot blocking). They have a bit of a steal given his pre-draft hype.

  10. Philadelphia 76ers - Elfrid Payton, G, Louisiana-Lafayette (traded to Orlando)

    Kevin: I’m a big fan of Elfrid Payton.  He’s offensive game is extremely raw, but he can get to the rim at will, he finishes decently, his jumper needs some work.  Those are the negatives.  Defensively he’s a terror.  He has quick hands and extremely long arms, no basketball is safe with him around.  He rebounds extremely well for a guard and not afraid to mix it up with the bigger bodies. Finally he’s an amazing passer.  He’s going to set up his Magic team mates so well.

    Taylor: I was a little shocked to see Payton go this early. He was a second round pick at the end of the season but he impressed scouts with his workouts. He's raw, but he's got the talent and work ethic to make it in this league. He probably won't be collecting MVP trophies, but he will have a long career.

    Dontae: Orlando gets the point guard they needed, one that shot up the draft in the last few weeks. I would be concerned that now you have a young backcourt that can’t shoot and not a lot of shooters on the roster. Defensively, they should have a very active and terrorizing guard duo. Orlando seems to be drafting for upside, and if it pays off they will have a very good roster in a few years.

  11. Denver Nuggets - Doug McDermott, F, Creighton (traded to Chicago)

    Kevin: McDermott is going to be a wild card for me.  He was a great collegiate player, but how well does his game translate to the NBA?  I think McDermott might end up being so underrated he becomes overrated.  I hate that phrase, but it makes sense in this case.  He shoot, he’s a smart rebounder, great teammate. He’s going to work out well in Chicago.

    Taylor: Dougie McBuckets is off to Chi-Town, where he will team with his mini-me, Jimmer Fredette. Kidding. McDermott is a much better scorer than Jimmer, since he can score from inside as well as outside. He needs work on his D, but Thibodeau's system may be able to hide that.

    Dontae: Chicago can now ship out Mike Dunleavy Jr. and slot in Mike Dunleavy Jr. McDermott is a great shooter, a better athlete than he’s given credit for, and will give the Bulls absolutely the spacing they need for the returning Derrick Bulls.

  12. Orlando Magic - Dario Saric, F, Croatia (traded to Philadelphia)

    Kevin: There were so many questions about whether Saric would actually be in this draft and well we finally got our answer.  I like that everything that Saric can brings to the table. He can shoot, slash, rebound, play some defense. This is something that Philadelphia needed on their wing.

    Taylor: I'll admit it, I'm not a fan of the draft-and-stash. But that's coming from me as a fan who wants to see these players now. Saric will spend the next two years in Turkey so who knows what the Sixers team will look like by then. He could wind up coming over when this young team is really starting to hit their stride and could wind up being the final piece of the puzzle. Or not.

    Dontae: He may not come over for another year or two, but he has a top 10 talent. A great value pick for a rebuilding Sixers team, that is setting themselves up to either make major moves in the trade market in a few seasons or a young, dynamic roster of Carter-Williams, Joel Embiid, Nerlens Noel, and Saric. That’s an exciting team full of potential.

  13. Minnesota Timberwolves - Zach LaVine, G, UCLA

    Kevin: The Wolves needed another wing scorer that is not named Corey Brewer or Kevin Martin.  LaVine is going to jump their draft pick from last year and start getting his minutes and it wouldn’t shock me if he got some decent minutes right off the bat.  Kid can score.  He can score. Oh yeah, he can score.

    Taylor: LaVine is freak athlete. He recorded the highest vertical jump in Lakers pre-draft camp history. Not sure how he fits into Minnesota's offense, though, unless Kevin Martin moves to the 3. Are the Wolves ready to blow it up and get rid of Love? It doesn't appear so at the moment, but LaVine could be a good start.

    Dontae: Minnesota is either looking to gather trade assets or is officially about to wave the "rebuilding" white flag. LaVine is athletic and raw, but with a market like Minnesota, where it is hard to attract (and apparently keep) big names, sometimes you have to swing for the fences. Not a bad pick, but certainly not one that will directly help keep Kevin Love.

  14. Phoenix Suns - T.J. Warren, SF, North Carolina State

    Kevin: Warren is going to fit in nicely with the Suns. He is a very smart and complete player.  He can play in the post, he can shoot outside, he rebounds, he defends.  He can take a play or two off here and there and that will get him in foul trouble.  In the NBA his motor will have to be upped in the NBA.

    Taylor: Warren is the perfect pick for the Suns. Fast, athletic, can shoot and defend. He fits the mold of what Jeff Hornacek started last year and he should be able to be plugged right in and contribute.

    Dontae: They needed help on the wings, in one way or another and Warren can score in a variety of ways. He can guard his position and will fit in next to ball-dominate guards Eric Bledsoe and Goran Dragic.

  15. Atlanta Hawks - Adreian Payne, PF, Michigan State

    Kevin: One of my favorite players in the draft.  He’s a winner.  He plays hard.  He plays inside well.  He plays outside well.  He rebounds well. He’s a team player, he works hard.  I love this guy.  I’m buying his jersey.

    Taylor: Payne is a guy who could fit into just about any team in the NBA. He's big, he can rebound and he can score from inside and outside. I think Atlanta needs a center more than another power forward, but Payne is a guy who can contribute off the bench and will be a fan favorite. Also, this.

    Dontae: Atlanta picks up a nice rotational big that can offensively help them. He may be a little redundant behind Paul Milsap. More shooting is never a bad thing, especially when it worked in the playoffs against the number 1 seed, Indiana Pacers. A solid pick.

  16. Chicago Bulls - Jusuf Nurkic, C, Bosnia (traded to Denver)

    Kevin: Well if there is a bonus to this pick is that Nurkic can probably either stay in Europe or come to the states and go to the D-League.  He will not be playing a minute with the Nuggets this year.

    Taylor: Denver needs a backup point guard and a reliable power forward. They drafted Timofey Mozgov 2.0 instead. He'll most likely stay overseas for now and then they can bring him over when... they... want? I don't get this one.

    Dontae: Denver continues to add redundant pieces. A physical center that will bring effort and size to Denver’s frontline. Not a bad pick, he’ll probably end up more like Timofey Mozgov, who is on this Denver rosters.

  17. Boston Celtics - James Young, SF, Kentucky

    Kevin: The Celtics have completely rebuilt their backcourt with this pick.  The Celtics now have tremendous size, speed and athleticism.  Young is a knock down shooter, a decent defender and will have a chance to grow and become a star in Boston.

    Taylor: Ainge continues to baffle me here. Young is a good player, but he's basically Jeff Green. I guess he wants consistency off the bench? I think he may be stockpiling assets to make a run at Kevin Love or possibly another target. Either that or he just drafted BPA all night.

    Dontae: A good forward that can shoot. James Young has good potential that was overshadowed by a deep Kentucky roster. I like his potential here, he may be a better version of his oftentime comparison, Nick Young.

  18. Phoenix Suns - Tyler Ennis, PG, Syracuse

    Kevin: Not sure why they needed another point guard on their roster.  Sure they needed some depth to fill in behind Dragic and Bledsoe, but there were other points of needs.

    Taylor: My first thought here is that Phoenix is giving up on re-signing Eric Bledsoe. Although, in that case a shooting guard could have been very helpful here. They're clearly not drafting for someone to change the franchise as arguably their best player already plays point guard. Phoenix also doesn't really need players right now, so they will most likely be looking to make some deals.

    Dontae: I don’t understand this pick for Phoenix outside of them gathering assets for a trade for a major player. Ennis would be a good backup, but with Dragic and Bledsoe they have larger areas of need at the moment. Look for Ennis to be in trade talks soon. He could certainly fit in next to Dragic or Bledose as a pass-first point guard.

  19. Chicago Bulls - Gary Harris, SG, Michigan State (traded to Denver)

    Kevin: I am a big fan of the work that this kid puts in.  He never takes a play off, he shoots well from outside, he’s a plus defender.  He could be the eventual starter at the shooting guard spot, which makes this trade a bit more perplexing since they traded for Aaron Afflalo earlier in the day.

    Taylor: The Nuggets now have a glut of shooting guards, having recently re-acquired Arron Afflalo to go along with Randy Foye, and now they add Harris. This strikes me as a BPA pick and I think Denver is trying to flip Afflalo in a deal for Love.

    Dontae: I would love this pick if it was Chicago. I also would love it for Denver if they didn't JUST TRADE FOR ARRON AFFLALO. Harris is cut from the same all-around vein as Afflalo. The quintessential shooting guard on both ends of the floor, and he's only 19. It'll be interesting to see what the Nuggets do next.

  20. Toronto Raptors - Bruno Caboclo, SF, Brazil

    Kevin: Who?  Allegedly he’s the next Kevin Durant that we might see in the NBA by maybe 2020.

    Taylor: He's apparently the first guy named Bruno ever taken in the draft. So that's something.

    Dontae: In two years he'll be ready in two years. What else is there to say? You could have drafted him IN TWO YEARS.

  21. Oklahoma City Thunder - Mitch McGary, C, Michigan

    Kevin: This is definitely filling a need.  Nick Collison is getting a bit older and they are going to need someone to fill in for him.  The Thunder really could have used a wing scorer a bit more to take some pressure of Durant and Westbrook.

    Taylor: Kendrick Perkins is gone. That's what I get out of this pick. They need bench scoring but McGary will be a workhorse for them. I like McGary's game, but I don't really see the need for him by OKC.

    Dontae: Last year the Thunder drafted Perkins' s replacement in Steven Adams, now they go for the next version of Nick Collison. I'm not too worried about the red flags McGary has garnered, as he'll be in a specific role that he's shown he can contribute to.

  22. Memphis Grizzlies - Jordan Adams, SG, UCLA

    Kevin: The team need a lot more shooting and Adams is not the answer.  There were better shooters on the board and Rodney Hood or Shabazz Napier made a lot more sense here.  Adams is a terrible jump shooter, a so-so defender.  Memphis could have done a lot better here.

    Taylor: What is it with teams this year drafting guys who are very similar to players they already have? Adams strikes me as a younger Tony Allen, although I don't think he has the leadership qualities that Allen does. There were players taken in the second round that could have been better here.

    Dontae: Adams is a solid pick for a team that needed perimeter help. The problem is that this team isn't the type of team. The Grizzlies needed shooting from their perimeter help, Adams doesn't have that. He's one of the worst jump shooters in the draft, scoring .853 points per-jump. Especially when the player that was drafted next was on the board.

  23. Utah Jazz - Rodney Hood, SF, Duke

    Kevin: The Jazz are making out like bandits on the perimeter of this draft. They needed a guy who could knock down shots from mid-range to three.  Hood can take some plays off on the defensive side of the ball and doesn’t rebound well for his size.

    Taylor: The Jazz need lots of things. Rebounding, rim defense, a low post presence. Instead they got Hood. Maybe the Gordan Haywood to the Celtics deal is finally happening.

    Dontae: Great pickup by the Jazz. They needed wing depth and Hood is the type of potential multi-tool wing that championship teams clamor for.

  24. Charlotte Hornets - Shabazz Napier, PG, UConn (traded to Miami)

    Kevin: Miami had to make LeBron happy and they did.  The Heat were in desperate need of some playmaking ability out of the backcourt and Napier gives them that and some scoring.

    Taylor: LeBron James told the Miami Heat they had ONE JOB. And they executed it. They went out and got the guy LeBron wanted in Napier. He should be able to start by the All-Star break if not sooner. He's definitely better than Mario Chalmers and probably better than Norris Cole.

    Dontae: This was primarily done for LeBron James to stay in Miami. Secondary because Napier is a great replacement for Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole or both.

  25. Houston Rockets - Clint Capela, PF, Switzerland

    Kevin: He’s been compared to a poor man’s Serge Ibaka.  He’s going to be a solid defender in the NBA, but not sure if he can ever develop the offensive game to be a full time starter in the NBA.  A rotational player behind Dwight Howard appears to be his immediate ceiling.

    Taylor: I don't know a lot about Capela's game personally. I hear him being compared to Serge Ibaka which would be an interesting fit next to Dwight Howard. They don't really need another rim protector and a stretch-4 would seem to fit better.

    Dontae: I like this pick for Houston based on the fact that they are clearly gathering assets for a run at LeBron or Melo. Capela is highly regarded as a version of Serge Ibaka.

  26. Miami Heat - P.J. Hairston, SG, Texas Legends, NBDL (traded to Charlotte)

    Kevin: He’s got swag for everyone on the team, he loves to shoot, he loves to score and he does everything on the offensive end of the floor so well.  He has a solid first step, can take contact and finish at the rim, good free throw shooter and not a half bad defender.  Good pickup by Charlotte.

    Taylor: Hairston becomes the first D-Leaguer to be drafted in the first round. He's got lottery type talent but the kind of off-court antics that got him kicked off the Tar Heels. If he can keep his head on straight he could wind up being the steal of the draft.

    Dontae: More scoring for a Charlotte team that needs it from everywhere. Hairston is probably the most ready player in the draft given his stint in the D-League.

  27. Phoenix Suns - Bogdan Bogdanovic, SG, Serbia

    Kevin: Why another guard?  I’m not sure with their line of thought here.  They needed a bit more size in the interior and there were numerous names out there.  They are either going to stash him or trade him for a future pick.

    Taylor: As I said before, the Suns don't need players right now, so a draft-and-stash makes sense here.

    Dontae: The Suns could use a big man, but another guard was puzzling chosen. I'm guessing they are looking to make trades, but who knows. Bogdan is a spill rotation guard that can turn into the next Goran Dragic.

  28. Los Angeles Clippers - C.J. Wilcox, SG, Washington

    Kevin: He’s a local kid who can shoot lights out!  Though I’m not sure that the Clippers needed another three point shooter.  I like everything that he can do and think he could potentially unseat some of the bench players in front of him and develop into a solid top rotation guy.

    Taylor: Hey, our boy was able to sneak into the first round after all. The Clippers were looking for an athletic wing before the draft and they were able to find one in the draft. He seems a little redundant with Reggie Bullock waiting to make a splash, but we'll see how Doc is able to use him.

    Dontae: More shooting is never a bad thing and though they had a need for another big, the Clippers didn't go wrong here. Wilcox is one of the best shooters in the draft, with good size and potential to be a 3 & D player.

  29. Oklahoma City Thunder - Josh Huestis, SF, Stanford

    Kevin: Again, not sure OKC realized they needed a guy who can score the ball on a regular basis and there were a few out there.  Huestis is a defender first, second and third.  He’ll score when needed, but it is never his first though.  He could potentially develop into Bruce Bowen type player.

    Taylor: The Thunder have formed their own model based on the Spurs model, only instead of stashing players overseas, they stash them on their own bench. They are very good at developing talent and this is a total "Thunder U" type pick. And by that, I mean he's a very similar player to Perry Jones III, Jeremy Lamb, and to a lesser extent Kevin Durant. Sam Presti has a type.

    Dontae: The Stanford grad can guarding multiple positions, has great size for a small forward, and can play some small ball power forward. His jumper is the key to his long term prospects. He's destined to be a 3 & D player or defensive stopper on the perimeter. He could be out the league in a few seasons too. He should be what Thabo Sefolosha couldn't quite be.

  30. San Antonio Spurs - Kyle Anderson, SF, UCLA

    Kevin: I thought Anderson would be a player that would go to the Thunder, but here he goes to San Antonio.  Can you doubt anything that the Spurs do with their draft picks? No, they all seem to work and somehow the best of the three first rounders from UCLA fell to them with the last pick in the first round.  Go figure.

    Taylor: I dunno. I don't question what the Spurs do anymore. They're just always right.

    Dontae: Of course. The Spurs draft another awkward player that'll end up being a Finals MVP candidate (See: Diaw, Boris). Anderson has many of the tools that Boris Diaw has and will be a perfect fit in the Spurs system.
  1. Milwaukee Bucks - Damien Inglis, F, France
  2. Philadelphia 76ers - K.J. McDaniels, SF, Clemson
  3. Cleveland Cavaliers - Joe Harris, SG, Virginia
  4. New York Knicks - Cleanthony Early, SF, Wichita State
  5. Utah Jazz - Jarnell Stokes, PF, Tennessee (traded to Memphis)
  6. Milwaukee Bucks - Johnny O'Bryant III, PF, LSU
  7. Toronto Raptors - DeAndre Daniels, SF, UConn
  8. Detroit Pistons - Spencer Dinwiddie, SG, Colorado
  9. Philadelphia 76ers - Jerami Grant, SF, Syracuse
  10. Minnesota Timberwolves - Glenn Robinson III, SG, Michigan
  11. Denver Nuggets - Nikola Jokic, PF, Serbia
  12. Houston Rockets - Nick Johnson, SG, Arizona
  13. Atlanta Hawks - Walter Tavares, C, Cape Verde
  14. Minnesota Timberwolves - Markel Brown, SG, Oklahoma State (sold to Brooklyn)
  15. Charlotte Hornets - Dwight Powell, PF, Stanford
  16. Washington Wizards - Jordan Clarkson, PG, Missouri
  17. Philadelphia 76ers - Russ Smith, PG, Louisville (traded to New Orleans)
  18. Milwaukee Bucks - Lamar Patterson, SG, Pittsburgh
  19. Chicago Bulls - Cameron Bairstow, PF, New Mexico
  20. Phoenix Suns - Alec Brown, C, Green Bay
  21. New York Knicks - Thanasis Antetokounmpo, SF, Delaware 87ers, NBDL
  22. Philadelphia 76ers - Vasilije Micic, PG, Serbia
  23. Minnesota Timberwolves - Alessandro Gentile, SF, Italy
  24. Philadelphia 76ers - Nemanja Dangubic, SF, Serbia
  25. Miami Heat - Semaj Christon, PG, Xavier
  26. Denver Nuggets - Roy Devyn Marble, SF, Iowa
  27. Indiana Pacers - Louis Labeyrie, PF/C, France
  28. San Antonio Spurs - Jordan McRae, SG, Tennessee (traded to Philadelphia)
  29. Toronto Raptors - Xavier Thames, PG, San Diego State (sold to Brooklyn)
  30. San Antonio Spurs - Corey Jefferson, PF, Baylor (sold to Brooklyn via Philadelphia)