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NBA Finals Game 2 - Open Thread

Join in on discussion of today's finals game.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Lots could be said about today's Game 2, but not a whole lot needs to be said. These two teams are familiar with each other. They're the cream of the crop in the NBA, and they get to go toe to toe again tonight.

I'm cheering for the Spurs. Yes, I want Ray and Rashard to play well, but in my own personal heirarchy of fandom, my cheering diagnostics tree informs me that in nearly all cases I cheer for West Coast teams over their Eastern counterparts (with a few obvious exceptions). Plus, it is enouracing to see guys nearly my age (Tim Duncan) still performing at such a high level on the Spurs. And I love the team ball that the Spurs are playing. Great defensive rotations. Excellent passing on offense. And much to my surprise a fairly quick pace on the floor to drive the Spurs offense.

Thoughts? Who are you cheering for? What are your rules for who to cheer for when you have no specific interest in either team?