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The Downstroke Episode 14: Steve Perrin From ClipsNation

On this episode of The Downstroke, ClipsNation manager Steve Perrin joins Kevin Nesgoda and Chris Meirose to discuss all things "Southern Cali Sonics"

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

In this week's installment of The Downstroke, ClipsNation manager Steve Perrin joins hosts Kevin Nesgoda and Chris Meirose to discuss all things "Southern Cali Sonics."

For many years the Clippers were lightly regarded in the league. Owner Donald Sterling had no interest in competing, preferring to roll out a low-salary roster and pocket his revenue sharing money. All that is now over, these aren't your father's Clippers any more. With NBA All-Stars Chris Paul and Blake Griffin leading the way, the Clippers are now one of the NBA's hottest, high-flying young teams. The Paul/Griffin duo remind many fans of the classic Payton/Kemp Sonics teams of the 90s.

This week's topics include Spencer Hawes, Donald Sterling, Steve Ballmer, Shaun Livingston, Jamal Crawford, and the myriad Northwest connections to one of the NBA's premier young teams. As well as a rather intriguing discussion on breakfast cereal ...

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