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Updated: Daniels Report: Arena Reviews Delayed Again

Chris Daniels reports that the EIS/SEPA reviews have been delayed until November. This could put some Seattle NBA opportunities at risk. Updated as of 12:44pm on 8/1/14

delayed again
delayed again

Based on Seattle investor Chris Hansen's last comments on the matter, we've been expecting EIS/SEPA reviews to come to a conclusion somewhere around September, but King 5's Chris Daniels reports that the reviews have been delayed once again.

Here's some excerpts from Daniels.

"City staff and the EIS consultants are still waiting for information from the applicant. No formal update has been made to the schedule," Stevens wrote in an email. "Earlier this year, it was estimated that production of the Final EIS likely would take about four months after all outstanding information was supplied. So at this point in time, no sooner than November 2014."

"If the requested material is provided, then the information will be reviewed and compiled into the Final EIS document. That process would take around four months to complete before it's published," wrote Stevens.

Cheney points to issues involving the planned waterfront tunnel, and how tolling may force more drivers into SODO. She also notes City Light's planned Denny substation, near South Lake Union, has an impact on the Massachusetts substation near the proposed Stadium site. The two sites need to be connected.

So now we wait for November, at the earliest because of paperwork that the City is waiting for from the Hansen group.

Meanwhile, we stand by our earlier report that the NBA is quietly discussing expansion to Seattle and Louisville, which could happen as part of the next TV deal. However, the league source that told us about that discussion is now telling us in no uncertain terms that the NBA is not happy with this latest delay.

We also stand by our report that the NBA has a contractual right to purchase the Milwaukee Bucks if they can't get an arena deal done by May 15 of next year. The league would then have the option to sell them to anyone they see fit. Perhaps to Seattle, which still doesn't have a finalized arena solution, or perhaps to a place like Louisville, which already has one built.

Those are two potential opportunities that may be at risk because of this delay. Perhaps it's time to start paying people overtime to get this done?

UPDATE: 12:24 PM

Chris Daniels just did a series of followup tweets that are pertinent to the discussion.