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Fantasy Football 2014-15

Join a Sonics Rising Fantasy Football league today!

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

We've created a Fantasy Football League - Sonics Rising #1 over on Yahoo Sports if anyone would like to join in a Sonics Rising league. We will make additional leagues as needed if interest demands.  10 team league to start with, and will see what interest lies beyond that.

Yes, it must be on Yahoo.  No, we're not making one on ESPN.

Should be a high scoring and fun league.

All drafts will be set for Wednesday, September 3rd, 8pm Pacific.  So get in before then!

Comment with any questions.

League settings are set as is.  Take it or leave it.  Not switching on everybody's whims.  Just have fun with it!

One league is full,so JOIN LEAGUE #2!!!

Both Sonics Rising Leagues are now FULL!  If you missed out, join us when we get the Basketball one(s) set!

BTW:  Drafting the Seahawks Defense in the first round is a great strategy that I think someone else should employ.  ;-)