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I think we need more communication on what is happening now

Ed Murray started talking about the arena, good. We need more of that, from Chris Hansen, too.

City of Seattle emblem in Sonics green and gold
City of Seattle emblem in Sonics green and gold
City of Seattle / Mike Baker

The current talk involving the proposed arena in SoDo came to life with Ed Murray asking the NBA and NHL questions.  They gave him sugar-coated, non-committal answers. Apparently, they like us, they really, really do. But they say we're not ready for a commitment. That is not surprising, just not as encouraging as maybe they could be. I assume they would like to know why the EIS is taking so long, too. Worrying about what happens after that work is done isn't a plan to complete the EIS and MOU. What is your plan to finish the EIS, DPD? Ed? Somebody?

Some of the slow pace finishing the EIS is Chris Hansen's choice, and some is the city's execution of a fairly complex research and analysis project. But this situation has been going on for a couple years now. Years. The city and Chris Hansen really do have to move past this phase, because nothing else will happen until they do. Worrying too much about tomorrow isn't a way to spend today.

While this story drags on, Chris Hansen has been pretty quiet on the delay of the EIS. I'm not expecting a response after news reports from the mayor questioned the resiliency of those in the political process, but he really should say something. The levels of expressed commitment from the NBA and NHL and the progress on the EIS don't engender public confidence. Do the Seahawks have your tongue?

The lack of transparency makes people wonder what is going on, splitting every hair on the latest scrap of news. It creates unnecessary friction.

Yes, let's all take it down a notch, and help each other move forward on the things we are responsible for doing. We should be focusing on our approach to the current situation. We need more communication to do that, not less.

It appears that the mayor is starting that discussion. Good. Obviously, the fans are interested in having a public discussion on the current state of things. I think Chris Hansen should join that conversation. He should issue a statement, talk to the old media, contact new media, whatever method he chooses.