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UPDATED: Thomas Tull Not A Bidder For Atlanta Hawks; Team Not Moving, according to NBA

The Bill Simmons rumors have been proven wrong.

I spoke with a spokesperson for Hollywood movie mogul Thomas Tull, who stated that Tull "has never expressed interest in the Hawks."

This has been confirmed by Chris Daniels.

Which leaves us to where the rumor that Bill Simmons started yesterday had developed from.

Simmons is definitely plugged in and has been right about a lot of stuff in the not-to-distant past, but maybe he's not as plugged in on the Hawks.  Which makes me question as to where this leaves our own Chris Hansen?  Is he actually preparing a bid?

I'm sure Hansen has at least made a quick inquiry but is more focused on getting everything right for the EIS.  I prefer he take that route at the moment because I would much rather have an arena that is shovel ready and an expansion team in the future.

Unfortunately, beggars cannot be choosers and we in Seattle are going to take a team however we can get it.

*Note* I technically got the story before Chris Daniels, but unfortunately my job got in the way of me breaking this before he did. :(

UPDATE: 12:56 pm

The NBA has assured Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed that the team will not be relocated.