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NHL expansion: No decision for Quebec and Las Vegas in December?

It seems that the NHL will not decide on expanding to Quebec and Las Vegas in December. Bad for them and good for us?

No decision yet for Vegas or Quebec.
No decision yet for Vegas or Quebec.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It looks like Quebec and Las Vegas will have to play the waiting game for NHL expansion a little bit longer. Renaud Lavoie, a hockey writer for Journal de Montréal, reported that no league decision will be reached in December, as both cities had been hoping.

One could key on the word 'should' in that last tweet, but KING5 reporter Chris Daniels later confirmed that there will be no decision forthcoming.

He goes on to tweet about what he knows we want to know. You know?

So what do we take from this? I'm sure that the fans in Las Vegas and Quebec will be frustrated, and who can blame them? The fact that the league is hesitating seems good for us. Is Bettman waiting for a Seattle group to push an arena across the finish line? I want to believe that, but it's hard to say.