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Seattle Sin Bin: NHL expansion update; Tri-City Americans chatter

Las Vegas sports insider Dana Lane joins us to discuss this week's NHL meetings and their impact on expansion applications from Las Vegas and Quebec, as well as potential ramifications for Seattle, plus Sam Hinchee comes on the show to talk about the season thus far for the Tri-City Americans.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.
NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

It's a busy week in the NHL with ownership meetings taking place. Though no expansion decision will be reached this month, you can bet there are significant discussions going on behind the scenes.

Las Vegas sports insider Dana Lane, who penned a column today about where things stand in the process, comes on the air to discuss potential for expansion and relocation.

Also, our Tri-City Americans beat writer, Sam Hinchee, joins us to discuss the season thus far.


Seattle Situation

Check out the following tweet from ESPN hockey writer Craig Custance, who is reporting from the meetings this week.

TSN hockey reporter Frank Seravelli backs this up this in an article today.

"People continue to want to own a franchise in Seattle," NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said Tuesday. "But the issue there is there's got to be an arena. Unless there's an arena, there's no prospect of a franchise."

Some believe the NHL's expansion process has slowed considerably in the last six months to wait and see if an arena does indeed materialize in the Pacific Northwest.

Hansen has a memorandum of understanding in place for up to $200 million in bond funding from the City of Seattle and King County in the event he procures an NBA franchise. Such an agreement does not exist for an NHL team. However, Hansen's arena would be "shovel ready" to build immediately with private financing if January's vote passes, according to the Seattle Times.

"We're finishing this process," Daly said. "[Seattle] will never play a role in this process. If we get done with this process and there's a good prospect for an expansion franchise in Seattle or anywhere else, the board will consider it. But it's not going to be part of this process."

And, of course, KING5 reporter Chris Daniels chimes in.

Status for Las Vegas and Quebec

The applications are being discussed and, even though no decision is forthcoming, plans are being formulated for a potential expansion draft.

Relocation update

You can cross the Florida Panthers off of Seattle's list. They are staying put after a Broward County bailout vote today.