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Weekend Poll: Could You Forgive Howard Schultz If He Funded The Entire Sonics Arena Project?

Is there anything that could cause you to forgive Howard Schultz for selling the Sonics?

Last weekend our own Mike Baker posted about not forgetting what Howard Schultz had done.  There is good reason to never forget what Howie did to every single Sonics' fan across the PNW and all over the world.  It's amazing how much support the Sonics have world wide.

Now let's head on over to the land of make believe with Mr. Rogers for a minute.  No, not Paul Rogers, we stay out of his neighborhood.

Let's say the FEIS is approved, the councils have voted yes and all the court cases have been swatted away like a model rebuking a balding, old lawyer.  Now, let's continue our little fantasy by saying that the second we break ground on the new arena Adam Silver will chisel in a stone tablet, ascend to the top of Mount Rainier and proclaim to the masses that the Seattle Supersonics will return the same season the arena opens.

Little do we know there is another financial crash looming and Chris Hansen and company are about to lose just enough money where they can no longer fund the arena and buy a franchise.  We know that if there is no private funding there is no arena.  If there is no arena there is no Sonics and we have Adam Silver in a thin robe freezing his ass off, clutching a tablet of proclamation of Sonics expansion in his frost bitten fingers.

What now?

Howard Schultz tired of being bashed by Sonicsgate and other people (he reads every Tweet and Facebook post for some reason) decides that he's going to get back into the good graces of Seattle and Sonics' fans in general.  He calls Hansen and the City of Seattle, gives them his AMEX Black card number and says put the entire arena, all over runs and everything else in association with the arena on his tab.  One more thing, he doesn't want naming rights.

Now if Schultz did something like this, could you forgive him?  Even without the over the top Hollywood style story and he just offered to fund the whole project out of his own pocket, could you forgive Howard Schultz?

Hit the poll, share your thoughts in the comments and share with your friends.