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Sonics Rising apologizes for misquoting Mitch Levy

We recently posted an article inaccurately stating that Mitch Levy alluded to Chris Hansen being willing to build his SODO arena using private investments. This article was retracted once we were made aware of its inaccuracy. Sonics Rising would like to issue a formal apology to Mitch Levy and KJR.

In actuality, Levy suggested that Hansen just wants to get the arena built before the expiration of the MOU and would therefore possibly (Mitch appeared to be speculating, not speaking on any inside knowledge) be willing to amend the MOU to be NHL-first. He said that "it seems like the NHL, in terms of their interest in Seattle, they're much farther along than the NBA is," but that it would require some "finagling" in order to make the finances work. He explained that with an NBA/NHL or even NBA-only arena, the public financing would be $200-220 million, but with NHL-only the number is reduced to $100-120 million.  He did say that he thinks Tukwila and Bellevue are "just distractions and noise to take our eye off the ball."

He closed with a rally cry that we can all support, saying "let's get a deal done to start the process of building an arena, because no matter how strong our position to be next is now, whatever our position is now, imagine what our position will be with that arena being built."

We would once again like to apologize for the misunderstanding and issue a promise to do everything in our power to not let something like that happen again.