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Seattle Sin Bin: Special guests Michael Grey and UW Hockey proponents

Local sports radio personality Michael Grey steps into the Sin Bin to discuss his impressions of Seattle as an NHL market; We are then joined by the former head coach of the Washington Huskies hockey team to discuss prospects of that program going NCAA Division 1.

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A Seattle Thunderbird enters the Sin Bin
A Seattle Thunderbird enters the Sin Bin
Otto Rogers

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It's time for the fourth episode of the Seattle Sin Bin. In every installment so far, we have had excellent guests -- ESPN's Craig Custance, King 5 reporter Chris Daniels, and Sonics Rising founder Brian Robinson. Though we are setting a high bar for ourselves in this regard, this week we continue to clear it.

In fact, we have more than one guest this time!


The show begins with former ESPN710 sports talk show host  and hockey enthusiast Michael Grey (@TheMichaelGrey), who shares his thoughts on Seattle as an NHL market and on the identity of the most annoying character in the Star Wars universe.

That's right. The professional broadcaster slums it out with the amateurs for a segment. His enthusiasm is contagious, and you will want to strap on a pair of skates by the time he's done. Shhhhh. Just let it happen.


In our first podcast, ESPN senior hockey writer Craig Custance emphasized the growth of hockey at the grassroots level in the Pacific Northwest as being vital to the long term success of any NHL franchise that comes to Seattle. Among other things, this involves youth hockey, the WHL, and the topic of the last half of tonight's show: college hockey in the region.

Believe it or not, there already exists a hockey team at the University of Washington. Unlike other teams at the University, the ice Huskies don't play in the Pac-12 and aren't classified as NCAA Division 1. They are members of the Pac-8 Conference, along with Arizona State, Utah, USC, Oregon, UCLA, California, and ... wait for it ... Washington State.

Former Husky coach David Kell, current manager Abby Kozyra, and former team manager Chris Stephenson join us to discuss the effort to elevate the program to Division 1, as ASU is about to accomplish.

If you want to support the movement, please check out and interact with its Facebook page and @d1uwhockeyTwitter account.


You will notice, in this episode, the addition of several new sound clips to enhance the listening experience and make for some smoother transitions. Sonics Rising's Steve Stearns produced and directed three different intro/transitions, a pair of segments from our sister program at National Public Radio, and a couple of outros. These segments feature the voice talents of David Anthony Lewis and Tiffany Aweeka.