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Getting to the Cup: Blackhawks at Ducks, Game Five Thread

Having pulled off a chaotic victory on their own ice, the Chicago Blackhawks head to Anaheim to try and steal one from the Ducks

The battle continues.
The battle continues.
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Which of these teams, the visiting Chicago Blackhawks or the Anaheim Ducks, will take control of this already grueling series tonight, and break a 2-2 tie? It's impossible to predict because of how even the squads are.

I'm going to go ahead and call this a must-win game for the Blackhawks. They only have four defenders on the active roster for this series, which has seen five overtimes in the first four games. In other words, the two squads have played nearly six games worth of minutes in just four games. The longer this series goes, the more fatigue will raise it's ugly head, which could put Chicago at a disadvantage.