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NHL Board of Governors meets

The NHL Board of Governors is set to meet on Wednesday. The potential expansion, as well as the situation in Glendale, will likely come up.

Getting ready for an important meeting.
Getting ready for an important meeting.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Does the NHL like us? I mean do they like like us or just kind of like us? Someone should pass Commissioner Gary Bettman a note in gym class tomorrow. Okay, they should pass it at the NHL Board of Governors meeting.

Seattle may not be on the formal agenda when the BOG meets in Las Vegas tomorrow, but I have a feeling our names will come up. Because we are so hot.

KING5 reporter Chris Daniels tweeted the following.

Regarding that last tweet, I'm calling the deputy commissioner a liar. The host city is in the middle of a highly successful and league-sanctioned season ticket drive for a potential expansion team. There is absolutely no way that Vegas won't be heavily talked about during this part of the agenda. Frankly, there's no way Seattle won't be talked about either.

The league might not be ready to admit its attraction to the Seattle market, but they sure can't keep their eyes off of us.