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Is It Time to Say Goodbye to "BucksWatch?"

All indications are that the Milwaukee situation will be resolved shortly.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Reports from the Milwaukee area indicate that the Bucks pursuit of a public subsidy to finish out their arena funding will be coming to a conclusion soon. The team's local advocacy group, Save Our Bucks, seems very confident that an outcome will be determined by the end of this week.

The Bucks themselves are busy signing expensive free agents and making property acquisitions. This would seem to indicate a lot of confidence that Democratic legislators will give in to the pressure of Republican leadership and accept the current funding package, which is scheduled to be put forward tomorrow by Wisconsin's Joint Finance Committee.

Having watched this situation pretty closely, I can tell you that they are most likely to get it done but not without some last minute heroics on the part of its supporters. Things are coming down to the wire for them and if, as expected, their arena gets approved and the Bucks stay in Milwaukee, it may be as a direct result of Seattle being utilized very effectively as a stalking horse by groups like our fellow fans at Save Our Bucks.

From the most recent post at their site:

Q: I really do not want to make any calls - What happens then?

The people in Seattle are waiting for their NBA Team. Yes, they really are.

As of July 2nd, 2015, Bucks fans could be ecstatic about the future on-court success of the franchise, after signing the most significant free agent in franchise history, Greg Monroe, not long after re-signing Khris Middleton, drafting Jabari Parker, and drafting Giannis.

As of June 26th, 2008, Seattle Sonics fans could be ecstatic about the future on-court success of the franchise, after drafting Russell Westbrook not long after drafting Kevin Durant. Six days later, the franchise was set to move to Oklahoma City, and Seattle fans had to watch their success being enjoyed by fans in a far away city, instead of their own. Do we in Milwaukee want history to repeat itself?

Or a Sunday commentary from Milwaukee station WISN-TV's Mike Gousha.

Had the league opened the door to expansion or another alternative resolution in Seattle, they would have effectively removed this type of leverage from one of their owners, potentially leaving the Bucks franchise without a resolution or an exit plan.

Since day one, our position has remained unchanged. ANY resolution of the Bucks situation is great news from the Seattle perspective, so getting this done in the next 10 days is good for us either way. With situations in both Atlanta and Milwaukee successfully resolved, Seattle will be the next item on the NBA's list. Be happy for Milwaukee fans if they get to keep their team, and be ready for the next phase of our saga to officially kick off shortly thereafter.

I'd also like to remind you to be classy and remember that there is nothing that the fans of Seattle can offer that will contribute in a positive way to the conversation of Milwaukee fans. We have seen over and over again in our forum and others that even well-intended comments generally lead to friction or attract trolls from one side or another. If they get their deal done, that will be a Milwaukee outcome that Seattle has nothing to do with. They don't need our input or congratulations, and we should let them throw their own party. If they don't get it done, then there is NOTHING that you can say that does not have the potential to be patronizing or insulting. Either way, it is much better to wish the fans of Milwaukee well and leave them their space.

No matter what happens this week just stay calm and ride through it. I'm looking forward to saying goodbye and good riddance to "BucksWatch" and watching the attention turn our way.

Please remember to follow our Community Guidelines. Keep in mind that any user who actively trolls another team's site is not welcome to represent Sonics fans within the SonicsRising community.

Thanks and hope to see you Friday.