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Does the Seattle Times Oppose the NBA and NHL coming to Seattle?

Hope isn't a plan.

41 years
41 years
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

What could possibly motivate such fierce and feckless opposition to an arena from the Seattle Times and the Port of Seattle? With no hope for a realistic alternative site magically appearing, and with an irrational attachment to a manufactured conspiracy, the claim that the Port of Seattle, Seattle Times, and management of the Seattle Mariners are somehow supportive of the Sonics returning and NHL hockey coming to Seattle is simply not true. Saying no to the SoDo arena plan is akin to saying no to it all.

Here is the alternative being sold as acceptable by arena opponents.

  • A remodeled Key Arena that doesn't have a private party championing it. Look around, nobody has stepped up and waved their arms to signal the ever-opposed Seattle Times.
  • A remodeled Key Arena with light rail service showing up in 2038.
  • A remodeled Key Arena that depends on destroying four years of work in exchange for "hope" that magic will happen.

Hope isn't a plan Mike Baker

Hope isn't a plan

Hope isn't a plan.

So please, spare us all next Tuesday at the Seattle City Council Sustainability and Transportation Committee when you drop by to complain, don't claim you are in favor of the Sonics returning and NHL hockey coming to Seattle. You're just being insulting.