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#ArenaYes Campaign kicks off at 11am PST

Fans can help by sending a final message, rebroadcasting other #ArenaYes messages and asking their friends to do the same. Be loud to thank our 4 #SonicsChampions and secure our crucial 5th #ArenaYes vote to #VacateOccidental!

Attn:  SonicArena Supporters

As members of Seattle City Council prepare for a crucial vote Sonics fans everywhere are encouraged to show their support via SonicsRising's #ArenaYes campaign on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets.

WHAT:  #ArenaYes is an active social media event beginning at 11am on Monday, May 2nd.

Supporters of the Sodo Arena are urged to participate in this event by posting and rebroadcasting messages containing one or both of the event primary hashtags, #ArenaYes or #VacateOccidental for the following purposes:

  1. Support #SonicsChampions @CouncilmanTim, @BruceHarrell, @CMMikeObrien & @CMRobJohnson for their #ArenaYes vote!
  2. Invite our 3 remaining undeclared council members @CMKshama, @D5Juarez & @CMLGonzalez to vote #ArenaYes and #VacateOccidental.
  3. Provide supportive facts and information by re-broadcasting #PortofSeattleFacts and #SonicsArenaFacts to elected officials and stakeholders throughout the region.

HOW: Participants should send an rebroadcast thoughtful, informative and pragmatic messages through their own social media channels beginning at 11am on May 2, 2016.

  1. Take a few moments throughout the day to let Councilmembers Harrell, Burgess, O'Brien and Johnson know that you have been following this process.  Thank them for their patience, dedication and #ArenaYes vote.
  2. Send messages to Councilmembers Sawant, Juarez and Gonzalez letting them know that you appreciate their consideration and invite them to vote #ArenaYes.   Urge them to honor the vote of their prior council by making a very routine decision to #VacateOccidental.
  3. Generate volume by retweeting and rebroadcasting other #ArenaYes and #VacateOccidental messages from fellow fans and associates.
  4. Use e-mail, messages and direct invitations to encourage friends, other supporters and local people of interest to join you online and help the @SonicsArena clear its final hurdle before #ShovelReady status.

For More Information about this effort, join the conversation at where we will be developing new messages, learning more about this issue and sharing #ArenaYes experiences and advice throughout the day.

We encourage all participants to contribute to a positive dialogue by discouraging negative or impolite messaging.  We do not endorse or promote name-calling, personal insults or unfounded accusations against others.

Helpful Links and information:

Thank you to our #SonicsChampions!

CM Bruce Harrell


CM Tim Burgess


CM Rob Johnson


CM Mike O'Brien


Please vote #ArenaYes and #VacateOccidental!

CM Deborah Juarez


CM Lorena Gonzalez


CM Kshama Sawant


Send #PortofSeattleFacts and #SonicsArenaFacts to:

Seattle Council


Suggested Hashtags:

Primary Event Hashtags*

Secondary Event Hashtags**

Personalize Your Message***:









*     Please use one or both of our primary hashtags in every message

**   Secondary hashtags are encouraged as well.

*** Have some fun with it!