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Silver’s Friendly Reminder:

It’s a friendship built around our business relationship

2017 NBA Awards Live On TNT - Arrivals Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for TNT

Adam Silver has a message for Seattle fans. He and Tim Leiweke have “a friendship built around our business relationship.”

Reading today’s article by the Seattle Time’s Geoff Baker it is hard to argue with the fact that Tim Leiweke has a very nice office. In addition to a great discussion of the furniture and decor the article sends a clear reminder to people in Seattle about the “made man” status of Lieweke.

I’m traveling this morning and will update this article later. In the meantime here are some highlights:

NBA commissioner Adam Silver agrees with Leiweke’s low-key public approach to basketball returning, adding that serious discussions can’t begin until an arena gets built.

He says he wouldn’t bet against Leiweke getting something done. “He’s always delivered in all of my business dealings with him.

“I wouldn’t bet against him” is almost exactly what I was told a year ago by sources close to the NBA when Leiweke’s arrival became publicly known.

“It’s often the case that the people you work around are also your friends,” Silver says. “It’s a friendship built around our business relationship.”

Silver says Leiweke has “been involved in the building and operation of more NBA arenas than anybody on the planet.”

Also included in this article is reference to a local NBA ownership group with involvement of Chris and Ted Ackerley.

Lots to talk about here. Adam Silver is the guy whose lead we need to follow and I for one don’t want to be getting in the way of his friends or his plan.