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Celly in Seattle: Episode 7, Blessed by Beast Pode

Your local Seattle hockey podcast with all things NHL to Seattle. This week, we hung out with John and Mike of Beast Pode.

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2018 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Four Photo by Avi Gerver/Getty Images

NHL hockey is almost over and that sucks. On the bright side, we’ve got Celly in Seattle: Episode 7 to hold you over until Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final! John and Mike of Beast Pode joined us this week to talk about hockey and Seattle sports.

Here’s what we covered this week.

Stanley Cup Hypotheticals - 00:30

The Golden Knights were so unlucky in Game 4. We kicked off the podcast by speculating wildly about Game 5, our Conn Smythe picks, who will score the game winning goal.

We also talk about how to tell a clean hit from a dirty hit (looking at you, Tom Wilson).

Garth Snow and Doug Weight Fired - 26:00

In other NHL news, the firing of former Islanders GM Garth Snow and Head Coach Doug Weight made waves on hockey Twitter this week. We talked about why it’s such a big deal and what this means for Seattle.

Seattle NHL Team Name Alliteration Poll! - 34:25

Welcome to the tasteful gentlemen of Beast Pode! Together with John and Mike, we looked at this week’s poll asking if an alliterative name was important to the people of Seattle when considering an NHL team name. Here are the results!

(Link to poll)

We ended up getting a lot of interesting name suggestions on Twitter too.

Sonics Rising’s own Taylor Bartle reminded us of one very superstitious reason to consider an aliterative name.

Mike Gastineau’s Poll - 48:12

Mike Gastineau (or Gasman) of Seattle Sports Radio 950 KJR posted this poll on Twitter asking how women can impress men at the ballpark. We talked about why framing sports like this can be so frustrating to fans.

(Link to Poll)

Listener Questions - 55:20

Thanks, as always, for sending in questions and things for us to talk about! We really appreciate it.

If you missed last week’s episode, go check out our interview with Andy Cole of the Greater Seattle Hockey League! He has a lot of interesting things to say about playing hockey in Seattle.

Celly in Seattle is a hockey podcast hosted by Seattle Sin Bin writers Doug Mellon, Rebeca Moloney, and Sean Clement. We want to keep you updated on Seattle NHL news and help grow the love of hockey in Seattle before the puck drops in 2020.

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