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Just a big basketball fan. Really miss the SuperSonics. Thank you Chris.

The Stack of Papers

Remember how we all wondered what was in that "stack of papers" that a few of the council members referenced receiving in the days ahead of the May 2 vote from the Port of Seattle?

Game Changer: The Life of Spencer Haywood

Buried under the drama of May 2 was the announcement that a documentary about Spencer Haywood will be premiering at the Seattle International Film Festival on May 21 at the Uptown Theatre.

The Rock of Sisyphus

The Sonics are the rock, we're Sisyphus.

The Politicizing of the SuperSonics

Once again, special interests with more "important" things have used the SuperSonics as political ammo for their causes. Once again the SuperSonics are being use as the "example" as to "why" blah blah is broken, needs more money, etc. And now, let's throw in the very troubling "victim." The latest turn in the sick politics that continues to break our hearts and whittle down our will by the people who think they know it all.

The Larger Forces At Work (Murky Port Part 3)

The race to accommodate the large container ships for port survival throughout the world: crapshoot or the only option? Research shows it's neither. Ports need to follow the trail of how their goods arrive and leave to understand their role in domestic and international trade as well as their local and regional communities. Oh, and pay attention to what the Port of Seattle (Seaport) has done these past two years.

This stream has:

The Murky Waters Of The Port Of Seattle

Diving Deeper Into The Port's Murky Waters (Part 2)

In this section, I want to show you how much land and money the Port controls, the source of the coins, and where they spend them.

The Murky Waters Of The Port Of Seattle (Part 1)

Did you ever wonder what the Port of Seattle really does? They seem to be very important. Important enough to warrant so much attention and hand wringing from many of our local news sources that proclaimed the proposed Stadium District Seattle Arena was "dead" even before the draft EIS was released, solely due to is proximity to the Port of Seattle. After the hearing on March 15, 2016, anger pushed me to do some research on the Port. And what I found out surprised me.

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Lenny in Forbes

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Does David Stern have an Ownership Interest in Stuffies?