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Rookie Power Rankings

The 2013 NBA Draft was panned by many as the worst in years, possibly decades. There were no jaw-dropping talents. No future superstars. Well, the class of '13 is out to prove them wrong. Here's who's doing the best job so far. Taylor Bartle will probide you weekly rankings only at Sonics Rising.

Youngbloods: Same ol' Story

Youngbloods: Return of the Mack

NBA Rookie Rankings - Who are your top 5?

Youngbloods: The New #1

Trey Burke has been on a tear and doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon.

Youngbloods: Even While He Rests, MCW is the Best

Rookie Power Rankings for December 12, 2013

Youngbloods: The Duel

#1 and #2 went head-to-head this week and it was as epic as could be expected

Youngbloods: Thanksgiving Edition

Which teams have the top 5 rookies to be thankful for?

Youngbloods III: Runaway Train

For the third straight week, Michael Carter-Williams leads the pack. Can anyone catch him?

Youngbloods: Still #1


The rookie power rankings are back, and this time they count.


For NBA rookies, the future is now. Here are the top five rookies of the preseason.