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WHL: The Latest "People's WHL Power Rankings" are out

Kelowna keeps the top spot in the West as Prince Albert recaptures first overall in the East. These power rankings are voted on by bloggers and media members across the WHL and do not reflect the opinion of this specific writer (though I did do the write-ups for the Western Conference).

Rourke Cahrtier has returned form injury and the Kelowna Rockets are looking like the team to beat out west
Rourke Cahrtier has returned form injury and the Kelowna Rockets are looking like the team to beat out west
Marissa Baecker/Getty Images
1) Prince Albert 104 pts. UP 1 (3-3)
- Up and down recently, put together a better string with wins against Lethbridge and Red Deer in the last week.
2) Lethbridge 94 pts. UP 3 (5-1)
- Biggest mover with PG this edition. Only loss was to PA Raiders in the last 2 weeks, beat Calgary, Red Deer and Brandon.
3) Red Deer 85 pts. DOWN 2 (3-3)
- Back to back losses against Lethbridge and PA have the team reeling just a little bit. 3rd time they have lost 2 straight this season, have yet to lose 3 in a row.
4) Brandon 82 pts. DOWN 1 (3-1-1)
- Is this team toying with everyone until after Christmas? Stretches of dominance followed by surprising loses. Right in the mix for top spot, but are playing better on the road than at home.
5) Calgary 72 pts. DOWN 1 (4-1-1)
- would be higher ranked but everyone is playing well around them. Points in 10 of the last 11 games, has them in a tie for 1st in the East Division following a TERRIBLE start.
6) Moose Jaw 61 pts. EVEN (4-1-1)
- went 2-2-1 through the US Division despite missing Point for all 5 games. Won their 2 home games over the past weekend.
7) Regina 55 pts. EVEN (4-2-1)
- Finished up their 9 game road trip a respectable 4-3-2-0
8) Edmonton 41 pts. UP 1 (4-0)
-the only team to not lose over the period, seems no one has noticed the 4 game win streak (now 5 at time of writing)
9) Saskatoon 35 pts. DOWN 1 (1-6)
- traded goaltender Nik Amundrud to Calgary, proceed to lose 3 straight. Team appears to be sinking quickly.
10) Medicine Hat 25 pts. EVEN (1-5)
- Returned from BC with just 1 win which came against the Blazers. Shut out to the lowly Giants. Trades are just not panning out, goaltending situation is still not resolved.
11) Swift Current 19 pts. EVEN (0-3-2)
- just 2 points out of a possible 22 over the last 11 games, no wins. Are the Broncos the first team to put up the for sale sign for the coming trade deadline?

12) Kootenay 11 pts. EVEN (0-7)
- Injuries are piling up, trading future draft picks to fill roster spots. Appears this team is folding up the tent for next season already.

1)Kelowna 80 pts. EVEN (5-1) *UNANIMOUS VOTE*

-Rockets lead the WHL with 22 wins through their first 29 games. Now that they have a healthy Rourke Chartier in the fold, this could be their spot to lose for the duration of the season.

2)Victoria 67 pts. UP 1 (3-1)
-They Royals have been trading the two spot with Seattle over the last two weeks. They will assuredly be without star defenseman Joe Hicketts for a month while he plays for Canada at the World Juniors, how will they hold up without him?

3)Seattle 66 pts. DOWN 1 (2-3)
-Escaped Seattle Metropoltians' night with a win over Tri-City, saving themselves from a disastrous two weeks.

4)Prince George 58 pts. UP 3 (5-0-1)
-The net is now firmly in the hands of WHL goalie of the week Ty Edmonds. He came into a game vs. Portland after backup Nick McBride was pulled and still was able to leads the Cougars to a win.

5)Everett 49 pts. EVEN (4-2)
-Dealt for Buffalo Sabres' prospect Brycen Martin, giving up a lot of their future to do so. The offensive d-man has been pointless through his first three games in Everett and will need to start producing in the absence of Noah Juulsen.

6)Spokane 37 pts. DOWN 2 (3-2)
-Their 7-1 thrashing of top U.S. Division team Seattle served as a message to the rest of the division, that they are a contender.

7)Portland 29 pts. EVEN (2-4)
-Injuries have ravaged the forward unit so much, that d-man Keoni Texeira played forward for the first time in his WHL career.

8)Kamloops 29 pts. DOWN 1 (2-2-1)
-12 game road trip through Saskatchewan should tell us a little bit more about this Jekyll and Hyde squad.

9)Tri-City 15 pts. EVEN (2-4)
-Slowly getting healthier and it has shown on the ice with a big 4-1 win over Everett this last week. Yet another team that will be missing a big-time defenseman for almost a month as Brandon Carlo figures to be a big part of Team USA at the World Juniors.

10)Vancouver 10 pts. EVEN (3-3)

-Season is officially in the toilet after the only General Manager the team has ever know: Scott Bonner stepped down.