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Welcome to the Seattle Sin Bin

In order to expand our coverage of the sport of hockey, without taking too much of the Sonics Rising focus away from basketball, we have created a new page on the inside.

Hope you are a fan!
Hope you are a fan!
Otto Rogers

The Seattle Sin Bin is no longer just a podcast. Welcome to!

At the same time, welcome to

That's right. We are still part of Sonics Rising, but we created this space on the inside, so that we can bring you more hockey coverage, without taking the site's focus too far from basketball. Though you will still see some of our content on the main Sonics Rising page, here you will more frequently see hockey topics, such as NHL, WHL, grass roots development, game threads, playoff previews, and so on.

So welcome to the Seattle Sin Bin. We are the hockey insurgency inside of Sonics Rising.