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SRFBA Week 1 review

Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The first week of the season is over. Let's take a look at what happened around the Sonics Rising Fantasy Basketball Association.

Lucas Shannon's team, Shawn Kemp's 12th Child, was able to defeat the Zombie Sonics 6-3 behind a monster week from Russell Westbrook, who finished with 96 points , 26 assists, and 22 rebounds. He did have 15 turnovers, but thanks to 10 from Anthony Davis and 12 from Jeff Teague for the Zombies, SK12C was able to squeak out a win in that category by one, 65-64. Up next for the Reign Child will be Russell's Russells, while the Zombie Sonics will take on the Yakima Sun Kings.

Speaking of the Sun Kings, they also won 6-3, over Team Shea. The Sun Kings were led by the reigning MVP, Stephen Curry, who had 118 points on 59% shooting from the field. However, Curry got little help in the scoring department and Team Shea actually won the points battle 496-481. However, Yakima dominated the assist category 116-91 and was able to win the rebound category by a single board, 193-192.

Russell's Russells, meanwhile, got rocked by Team Scott, who beat them 7-2. Scott had a busy week, dropping and adding seven players in total, ending up with Amir Johnson, C.J. Miles, and Ian Mahinmi as new additions to their roster. These new additions helped lead them to a decisive victory and the team hopes that trend continues this week as they take on Shawn Kemp's 12th Child.

Speaking of decisive victories, none were more decisive than the Seattle 206ers' victory over Team Naessen by a final margin of 8-1. The Sonics Rising resident fantasy expert was only able to secure a victory in the turnover category, despite having 27 alone from just two players, Damian Lillard and Reggie Jackson. Team Naessens will now look to bounce back by taking on Team Delgado.

Team Delgado was one of two teams to not win, but also not lose, this week. Them and the Space Jam Monstars tied with a final score of 4-4-1, as both teams netted 24 three-pointers. The Monstars had three players out, including Kyrie Irving, which should be troubling for Team Delgado that they couldn't get enough production, with more players, to garner a win. The Monstars will now take on the Vegas Odoms.

In a battle of upper management, Kevin Nesgoda's Odoms were able to sneak by Chris Meirose's Northwoods Waterboy by a final score of 5-4. The change in philosophy shone through in this one, with the larger Waterboy team gaining 24 blocks to Vegas's 20, but Vegas having 43 steals to Northwoods' 19. Vegas also shot a ton more threes, making 46 of them, double the output from the Waterboy. Northwoods will face the 206ers this week.

After one week, the standings look like so:

Green Division:

  1. Yakima Sun Kings
  2. Team Scott
  3. Shawn Kemp's 12th Child
  4. Team Shea
  5. Russell's Russells
  6. Zombie Sonics

Gold Division

  1. Seattle 206ers
  2. Vegas Odoms
  3. Space Jam Monstars
  4. Team Delgado
  5. Team Naessens
  6. Northwoods Waterboy

Good luck to all teams (except for the Yakima Sun Kings, GO ZOMBIES!) in week 2.