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My View From the Will Call Window: Scalping Gone Wrong

Sonics Guy recounts his day delivering the message of the Sonics at the Husky/Arizona game a few weeks ago and how he became the world's worst scalper in the process.

Kevin Casey

It's official, I'm the world's worst scalper.

Well scalping isn't the correct word, more like I'm the world's worst ticket giver.

It all started out simply enough. I was invited by the wedding party that I had officiated that Friday to celebrate with them on Saturday by going to the Huskies/Arizona game. I rode up with Aaron, who's had Husky tickets for over 15 years, he wanted me to experience the game the way he does. First stop was Earl's, a cool college bar on the Ave. The staff is friendly and the service is fast. Because of the weather a few of the regulars in the group weren't showing. There was an extra ticket they gave to me and said I could give it to someone else.

Sounded easy enough.

To get the true college experience even if you're a few years older, Aaron had us leave Earl's to walk down University Ave., from there we went into the University Bookstore, where you can ask and get a free Game Day button. After that we proceeded through campus, hitting the fountain and on to Red Square. Of course the weather, which could have made this a lovely fall walk, was horrible. The wind and constant downpour of rain soaked my gold clothes. From the square; you head down several flights of steps, over a bridge and you end up at Hec Ed (Alaska Airlines Arena) which is right next to the stadium.

I stood out in front of the stadium looking to hook up a ticketless fan. My damp gold clothes must have acted like a ticket beacon beckoning people in the slop, because someone quickly introduced themselves, told me a short story and gave me two more tickets to hand out.

Now I went from having one ticket to having four.

Ultimately I think the severe weather had dampened the walk up interest, I still tried to give them out. The grew heavier and still no takers. I went under an awning to dry off for a second and to take a look at the tickets, just to make sure they hadn't dissolved to mush in my pocket. Immediately a State Trooper was on me to say there was NO scalping in this area. I told him I was just looking at my tickets, but when you have a handful of tickets I guess you look like a scalper. So I just said, "I'm moving." and left as they can write you a pricey ticket for scalping. After about ten minutes and various cheers from the stadium I decided my ticket giving career was over (without giving away one) and headed inside.

Luckily one of the pairs of tickets was under the grandstand roof, this gave me time to dry off.

Even with me slightly getting dry, it was still raining on me. You see my hair is basically a sponge, it absorbs water which is good, but then releases it about 20 minutes later. Which usually means its raining on me when I'm inside but this time I was outside.

Rain was everywhere.

A woman walked past me with 3 hot dogs, bad move as a gust of wind took the highest stacked hot dog and placed it on my section of the metal bench seat along with a huge splotch of ketchup. No worries though, as the rain and wind cleaned my spot almost as quick as it happened. The elements were getting even worse now, my coverage was no longer dry due to sideways rain.

It was starting to become an emergency situation -- no better time for the emergency poncho. As I tried to put this huge plastic bag on, the wind shifted and I nearly suffocated. I had to actually get up from my seat, walk up the aisle and finish the job over by the food stands. After finally getting the poncho on, almost as if on cue the harder rain stopped and became a soft drizzle for the 2nd half. At least I was able to see a Husky victory over Arizona with my friends as by that time I had walked to the end zone area where they were sitting.

One thing about delivering the Sonics message is I agree with the mail carrier motto: Neither rain, sleet nor snow shall keep this Sonics Guy from his appointed rounds.