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Since our beloved Sonics have left I've been to over 1,500+ events to remind people of what we lost. I've been to every type of political event, Republican, Democrat, Occupy ( Heck I've even been to 7 Tea Party events) because the Sonics DON'T belong to an ideology -- they belong to everyone. I've also been to EVERY type of sporting event . I've actually been to 2 types of Women's Football (Lingerie and Full pads) I've always tried to leave people with a positive impression of the team I loved. As a writer I'll try and bring you my unique point of view, I mean who else is over 6'5" tall, has an Afro and wears Gold pants.

The state of women's football

We have two different leagues, both playing to win.

An Open Letter to the Seattle Mariners

Supporting the Sonics is more than just having a beloved former player throw out the first pitch; it's advocating for a bigger and better Stadium district that benefits all of you.

1 in 9,200,000,000,000,000,000

I figured out what the Madness is: filling out an NCAA bracket.

Our Next Champion: Mariners or Sonics?

A joke question with a serious side.

A Look at the 1991-92 Seattle Supersonics

We continue to look at the 22 Seattle Supersonics teams that made the playoffs. Today, the 1991-1992 team.

Sonics Guy reflects on being a Seattle Sports fan.

I'm Just 'Bout That Action, Boss! #GoSeahawks!

My NFC Championship Adventure

Sonics Guy recounts his NFC Championship day and celebrates being a sports fan.

How good were the 1982-83 Sonics?

A team with Jack Sikma, David Thompson and Gus Williams should be able to outscore anyone, right?

Stay Classy, Hawk Fans

Sonics Guy's Resolutions

We're a year closer to getting a team back.