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My View From the Will Call Window - Seattle Mayoral Race

Let's Win with McGinn

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As we were losing the team I loved, one of the things I noticed was how easily politicians I had known were willing to write the Sonics off. That's why when politicians stand up and support us, I believe we must take notice. That's why I fully support the re-election of Mayor McGinn. He looked at the amazing deal Chris Hansen had presented the city and was in full agreement with it. The most important part of the Hansen deal was that it was a loan and NOT a gift from the city of Seattle. The money would be repaid, McGinn saw this and knew it was a tremendous deal for the city and approved it.  One of the voting groups that gets short shrift in elections is typically the sports voter because people don't think we vote in great numbers. Well we do.  Some people say former Mayor Nickels didn't get out of the primary because of the snow removal debacle, but people in the know realize in a crowded race, where the top three candidates were only separated by several thousand votes (with Nickels being the odd man out) we know Sonics fans made the difference.  In effect Nickles signed his own mayoral walking papers at the press conference where he allowed the Sonics to leave.  This on the heels of his statement that he wouldn't settle the lawsuit.  Integrity matters, and sports fan matter.  We're Sonics fans, and we vote.

That's why in this primary Sonics fans supported McGinn with phone banking, sign waving and donating money. We helped McGinn get out of the Primary something the previous two Mayors had been unable to accomplish. One of the things McGinn says is whenever he talks to young people around Seattle, the first thing they always ask him is "When are the Sonics coming back?". Well McGinn has done everything he can as Mayor to make that happen. Senator Murray has said he has been in support of the Arena and we must be sure he keeps to his word if he does end up becoming Mayor of Seattle. For me though, miles walked trumps miles promised.  In McGinn we have an unmistakable and proven track record of Sonics support. That's why I recommend you vote McGinn for Mayor of Seattle.