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My Halloween Dilemma

My Halloween Dilemma

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays because it involves two things I love, parties and candy. I really enjoyed dressing up as a kid too. Finacese being what they were in my childhood, we rarely had money to buy costumes. Rather than let that set me back, this just fueled my creativity to make use of what we had on hand to make up costumes - a ghost, hobo or basketball player to name just a few. That was a great time in my life and I have fond memories of those days.

Which brings me to my current situation. For the past 3 years I had a real problem when it came to selecting a Halloween costume. 4 years ago, when I was only 6 months into being Sonics Guy, I went as Jules from Pulp Fiction and won a Pulp Fiction costume contest when I recited Jules' "Sheperd" speech. Easy and no worries. Fast forward to 3 years ago to when people started to recognize me as Sonics Guy. That year I went as Bloverine (Black Wolverine) wearing a black shirt and tin foil claws, I thought the look was off the chain, but the public not so much. Most people were wondering why I wasn't dressed as Sonics Guy. I thought to myself I'm always in the green and gold, I'm the ultimate cosplayer -- I
dress up everyday.

2 years ago, remembering what people told me, I just put on my Sonics stuff and was Sonics Guy. And then of course what I thought would happen, happened. Everyone was telling me "you're ALWAYS Sonics Guy." I simply said "I know" I must have said it 50 times that night. So last year I wasn't even sure if I would go out. I was still
trying to find a "goldilocks" solution to my Halloween problem. Luckily I stumbled across it looking at an old Vancovuer Grizzlies warm-up shirt I had. I would become the "Save Our Grizz" Guy. I rounded out the outfit with a sign, flag and hat. Only about 20% of the people actually got what I was doing but the reaction was a lot better than the previous couple of years. I met up with a guy that had dressed as me for Halloween, we took some pictures and then the most surreal moment of my life occured when someone handed me their camera phone so I could take a picture with her and the Pseudo-Sonics Guy (my doppelgänger). This year I'll be "Save Our Expos" guy.

One of the interesting aspects of mycostume this year is I have done some partial screen grabs of the logo I'm using as clues to who I'm going to be. It takes a few of these images for people to figure it out. I find myself wondering if the struggle to identify this logo is because it has drifted from the public consciousness. I guess out of sight is out of mind may be be more true than we often care to admit. Hopefully the Sonics logo will be in sight soon.

I really find it humbling that anyone would dress as me. People really have to think its a good idea and it is impressive that others would know who you are. Everytime someone posts a picture of themselves dressed as me, I feel honored. Well, whoever you dress up as, a have a Happy Halloween.