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Seahawks Math

Will the Hawks make the playoffs? This wasn't always so easy to answer.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Will the Seakhawks make the playoffs?  That used to be the big question this time of year. For much of my life, this is about the point in the NFL season when I would start to practice what I like to call "Seahawks Math" - a long, involved mathematical formula I devised that includes, but is not limited to, algebra, geometry and advanced quantum computing. I used to do the Seahawks Math to see if our beloved team could still conceivably make the playoffs.

In the late 80's to the mid 90's, I became adept at my formulations. In between the old IBM "You Make The Call" and by the time Alcoa's Fantastic Finishes came on at the 2 minute warning, I would do my figuring. This was back when the team was in the AFC West. So it would go something like this: well if the Seahawks win ALL the rest of their games and the Raiders lose ALL the rest of their games, and the Chiefs lose all of their games except they can tie the Raiders in week 13.... And if the Broncos and Chargers sit down together for a pre-game lunch before they play each other and both teams come down with a severe food-borne illness...then maybe, just maybe, the Seahawks can back their way into the playoffs.

Thankfully, this year is very different than those years.

Now the Seahawks Math is so easy it involves just adding pluses to the equation. Adding win after win is putting the Seahawks in some rarefied air.  After each win we can now say this is the first time the Seahawks have ever been 8-1, 9-1, 10-1 and so on. Adding up the wins is a lot more fun than adding up the losses and praying, as I had to do back in the day, that every AFC team lose when playing the NFC. Though the league has changed, so I now cheer for the AFC against the NFC teams, hoping it will help the Seahawks win on the 4th tiebreaker - just in case.

As of now though, the Seahawks are in prime position. Their only loss was to an AFC team, so it doesn't really affect any of the tiebreakers. And they don't have to worry about that talk of a "perfect season", which ultimately means little if you don't win the Super Bowl (ask Tom Brady). From this point on in the season, we have only 2 of our last 6 games on the road. That means I'll be able to deliver the Sonics message at least 4 more times in front of 70,000+ sports-minded fans.

Additionally, only 3 of the 6 opposing teams remaining in our schedule have a winning record. I'd also like to give the Carolina Panthers a pair of thank yous - one for losing to us, and one for beating the 49ers. If these strong trends continue, the Seahawks will have home field advantage within reach and if they get that, who knows? Maybe, just maybe they'll be playing in the game with all the Roman Numerals in it.  If and when they are, I just hope the refs let them play this time.  Go Seahawks and Bring Back the Sonics!