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Chris Hansen Calls out the Seattle Times and Sonics Without Subsidies Group

Breaking his long silence, Chris Hansen finally speaks.

Here are some notables from the piece:

While we are focused on this important work our opponents continue to raise the same arguments and issues we have heard so many times over the past year. I guess they think that if you just keep saying the same thing over and over again it somehow becomes true.

For some reason, this seems to hold especially true for the editorial writers at the Seattle Times. With a history of completely fair and unbiased reporting on the Arena issue, is it really a surprise that a report that was not only paid for by the Arena opposition but was also rife with errors in legal interpretation, math, and basic reasoning qualifies as the basis for their latest sensationalistic criticism?

Based solely on the apparent legal expertise of the Times’ Editorial Board and a biased report paid for by the opposition, the MOU is apparently illegal and our group is apparently receiving over $700 million in illegal subsidies. Great work. I guess everyone else involved just missed this.

Chris then gets into a lot more detail on the MOU and how it all breaks down.  He does a great job of putting a beat down on the Seattle Times and Sonics Without Subsidies.

You can read it in full here.

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