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An Open Letter to the Man Elected Mayor of Seattle Last Night

Writer's note: As this article went to press before the results of the Mayoral election, this is a letter congratulating the winner.

Seattle Times Archives
Dear (Mayor McGinn/ Mayor-Elect Murray),

Congratulations on your hard fought victory over (Senator Murray/ Mayor McGinn). We know (most/some) Sonics fans voted for you in this election. That's why we really appreciate your support for the MOU and the Sonics Arena since (the beginning/ the 1st Mayoral Debate). When you (defeated in the primary/ were endorsed by) Peter Steinbrueck, we as Sonics Fans were (ecstatic/ worried), but you said, "(we still have to get through the general election/ that you didn't share Steinbrueck's anti-arena views)." This made us (steadfast in our support/ cautiously optimistic).
I want to remind you that we as Sonics fans remember the promises that you made (all along/ in the past 2 weeks) when it comes to the MOU and supporting the Sonics arena project. We as Sonics Fans will hold you to those promises. We do really appreciate being courted by you (Mr.McGinn/ Mr. Murray) as a valued constituency that has valid issues that need to be addressed. Here's to hoping that we'll be sitting with you (Mayor McGinn/Mayor-Elect Murray) together watching the Sonics play in the NBA once again in a new arena by the end of your (second/first) term.  Here's to us (Mayor McGinn/Mayor-Elect Murray) celebrating it under your watch and to your defeating Steinbrueck/whomever else four years from now.

Kris "Sonics Guy" Brannon