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SonicsRising Presents: A Christmas Story Contest - Win a Retro T-Shirt from Million Dollar Ballers is pairing up with Million Dollar Ballers out of Portland to bring you an awesome contest, all you have to do is write a Christmas story.

We haven't done a give away on this site yet and I feel bad about it. So I get this email the other day from Greg Beers from Million Dollar Ballers saying, "Hey, I got these awesome new shirts commemorating the '79 championship team and I'd like to give two away to two of your readers.

I paraphrased that.

Their tees have been featured by NBA TV, The Dan Patrick Show, The Basketball Jones (Now The Starters), #LakeShow, Dime Magazine and are in the current issue of SLAM as part of their Holiday Gift Guide. Plus, they outfitted the entire Pearl Jam band and crew with their 79 T-shirt through help of their friend and former Sonic great, Brent Barry.


Well, it is Christmas, so what better time and it's an absolutely sick shirt, right?

Being the endless creative person that I am, the fact that I love to read and that A Christmas Story is my favor Christmas movie ever, I want a Christmas Story from you. Not just any Christmas story though, a Christmas Miracle story.

Write me a story, a Christmas Miracle story about how the Sonics are returned to Seattle. Let your imagination run wild, the possibilities are endless. Except that I don't want anyone to be killed, maimed, hurt, etc. That will be an automatic disqualification.

Below is where you submit your story.

You have until the 20th at 8PM PST to get your submission in. Winners will be notified by email of their winning entry, only one entry per person. Staff and their families are not eligible for the prize, but are encouraged to submit a story none the less.

Stories will be shared leading up to the Christmas, with both winning entries being shared on Christmas Day.

If you don't feel like writing and have some money burning a hole in your pocket (like me) and just want to buy this sweet shirt, you can just go here to do it.