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NHL Meetings: Chris Daniels On The Scene

Does a new round of NHL meetings bring the NHL closer to Seattle?

On the horizon?
On the horizon?

Chris Daniels is at it again. Wherever there is a story that has something, anything, to do with our quest to bring the NHL and NBA to Seattle, Daniels is on it with a vengeance.

As a round of NHL ownership meetings begins in Pebble Beach, California, he is on the scene again. Click here to read his opening article.

Here is an interesting passage involving former Seahawks executive Tod Leiweke:

"I believe the NHL will work very, very well in Seattle," said Tod Leiweke, the former Seahawks, Sounders, and Portland Trailblazers CEO. He's now running the day-to-day operations of the NHL's Tampa Bay Lightning, and is a minority investor in the franchise. He sat in on the meeting this afternoon.

"Hockey will work in Seattle," he says bluntly after the meeting wrapped up at the hotel Monday. He says the league has taken notice of the fan support for the Seahawks, and Sounders in particular, and that it could be a selling point for any expansion franchise.

The meeting will conclude tomorrow. Stay tuned for Daniels' next report.