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The end draws nigh - Sacramento Open Thread

While there are still questions, both Seattle and Sacramento fans remain confident in the Kings' relocation saga.

Flickr user Don Moyer

This thread is open for comments from our Sacramento friends as well. For both fan bases: Play nice. Don't make it personal. Don't take it personally.

The first thing I'd like to hear more about is the Cook shares - 7% minority ownership stake that Chris Hansen has purchased out of bankruptcy pending NBA approval. We've heard from the Sacramento side that they were undoubtedly matching. And then they didn't, which we're told was strategy. I don't get it. I don't mean that as a criticism, I just don't understand the strategy behind it if they are being truthful on their reasons for not matching. Is it because the free cash for that 7% is needed for the hypothetical counter offer that the Sacramento group is going to make on the larger controlling share that Chris Hansen has a PSA on with the Maloof's? I haven't seen a strong reasoned explanation for this. Did they need more time? Were they sure the NBA BOG was rejecting Hansen? Maybe that too is all part of the strategy, but I just don't get it.

My second question is on Sacramento's claim that they didn't know Hansen was after the shares. Wasn't there some sort of challenge between Hansen and Think Big Sacramento last year? Since I'm outside both markets my knowledge isn't as deep as most others in this area. Enlighten me. What really went down.

My final question is in regards to the stability of the ownership group proposed by Sacramento. Whales have come and gone as frequently as the tides it seems. Are late investors a good thing? I understand if they have unbelievable levels of wealth and free money that it appears good on the surface, but what is the underlying thing that has caused so much turn over in this group? And beyond that, has the group actually had time to sit in a room with lawyers and figure out how the pie would be divided and who would be in charge? I know I'd want those details before trying to convince the NBA Board of Governors that they should reject what is likely an above market price offer from a very stable group. The NBA wants to know who they are dealing with.

So there are a lot of questions to be answered, and at this point it may all be academic because for all intents and purposes we should have a lot more clarity on Friday next week at the latest.